Poetic Consciousness exists in the realization that we are first and foremost spiritual beings and methodologies such as science and mathematics are subservient in importance when wishing to understand matters of our human existence.  The coherence of a scientistic use of language is both rational and logical and has been regarded as a “picture perfect” language as represented by the logical atomists and their prized pupil, Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his text, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus. However, after learning of the Heisenberg principle of uncertainty, even Wittgenstein made a complete 180 degree turn to denounce his own earlier work to maintain that “context determines the meaning of our utterances”.

Non-Western European societies worldwide maintain the primacy of poetic consciousness over the significance of scientific methodology, logic and mathematics. As stated earlier, the Hindu have Namaste and Africans have Ubuntu. My own Aztec and Mayan ancestors of the American continents, not to mention the similar beliefs of other indigenous cultures from the Northern most region of the United States to the Southern most region of the South American continent, maintain their beliefs in philosophies of human unity like Lak’ech. All of these worldviews have in common the belief in the oneness of all life as revealed to each of us in the flow of energy within us. These indigenous societies have another element of human existence in common, their mastery of the planetary orbits within our universe.

Women also share an innate affinity to our planetary rhythms in their menstrual cycles. Spiritual beings of both genders are able to access the inner flow of energy through their commitment to nature and their beliefs in the primacy of the natural order over the significance of scientific methodology, logic and mathematics. One should note, however, that, as evidenced by the structures erected in homage to our celestial planetary orbits, the mastery of scientific methodology and mathematics were nevertheless a significant part of their knowledge base. Even today we are still unable to determine or understand the full complexity of their accomplishments.

Access to the flow of energy within us all can be achieved by anyone through a more enhanced awareness of our own being and our own affinity to the rhythms of nature. Poetic consciousness is indeed the language of human existence and yet, our political structures armed with a blind belief in science as the answer to all our problems and desires, not to mention being controlled by the wealthiest segment of society, make the decisions that can and will affect us all. The fate of human kind has always been in the ability of human beings themselves and their understanding in mastering their own identity and social interactions, not in science or mathematics, but in our shared oneness with life and nature.