The ability to view and truly understand the indigenous consciousness of the Hispanic’s cultural heritage is lost when working from within the iron cage. Allow me to show you how difficult it really is for insiders to come to grips with poetic consciousness. My first inclination as an Hispanic that is fully cognizant of my own freedom from the iron cage, is to say that poetic consciousness is different from the scientistic consciousness of society in that we possess a different worldview. It is in the manner in which¬† those from within the iron cage process my communication that we see the problems inherent in their wanting to understand something that is outside of the iron cage.

In the graphic shown above we are given the information needed to understand what it means for me to have a different worldview. As I review the information given, I must certainly agree with what it says but it is not the meaning I wished to convey. What I would truly wish to convey is that insiders inherently appeal to such information in order to understand what I am saying when I claim I have a different worldview, while I am standing in front of them, living in the world and watching them try to understand me by using the vast information stored in their brain to discover my meaning. They were never able to see me standing in front of them living. This is what I wanted to convey to them when I said we had different worldviews. One is alive while the other is internal to their head and the allegiance they hold to the principles of the iron cage. If they could truly understand my meaning then they would be able to feel themselves living in their bodies and be able to reach out and touch each other as brothers and sisters, living and sharing the same earth we all inhabit and our interactions with nature. Naturally, written and recorded language does serve to provide a context for an intended meaning of something that is in the world, but it does not convey feelings. What I intended to say was that we have different worldviews because I am standing in front of you and you can’t see me. Had you responded by putting your hand on my shoulder to assure me that, “no, we do not”, I would have known you understood. That response would have acknowledged my feelings.

True poetic knowledge is with you at the moment of your birth. It is the background against which you begin to recognize the world around you and develop a command of speech to be able to communicate with those around you as well. The ability to escape the iron cage of science exists for those who want it to exist but such a desire requires that one shift their allegiance away from science and accept that we are all human beings and we exist in the world with our other brothers and sisters in our shared interactions with ourselves and nature. In this context, science becomes secondary to the ability to live in the same world and cherish the experiences of our interactions with each other and with nature. This, then, is the essence of poetic consciousness.

Our difference in worldviews comes down to our use of language and the subsequent reality that sustains our meanings. When we speak we make the choice of what we want for our own reality. If your use of language produces meaning for you in relation to your observance of linguistic rules and grammatical structures, within the context of our Constitution, the rules of law and our accepted laws of social interactions, then your world view exists within the iron cage of science.

Alternatively, if your use of language is understood as a tool that can be used freely to create meaning within the specific context of our immediate existence, free from necessarily using the meaning of language on one occasion to mean something similar on another occasion, then you seek effective and real communication in what is created by the parties involved in communicating, and its significance need only make sense to those having the experience. Words are given their significance through approximate definitions that become living and vibrant for us to use to create actual meaning in our communications. In the section that follows I will explicate the coherence of this vibrant system of poetic consciousness.