About Me

This website and all of the material in it are being provided to you the indigenous people of the Americas, from the Southernmost tip of Tierra Del Fuego to the Northernmost reaches of Alaska, as a mission of my heart. I wrote most of this work for myself without serious thought about actually publishing anything. As a “well” educated individual, I have no doubt that I could have selected a career as a writer and perhaps been very successful at it. All I would have to do is not be myself and become someone else. All of the stylistic concerns of the major publishing houses have never been of interest to me, even though I realize most people would never read my work precisely because I am obviously off the beaten path. Instead, I wrote all of my work as an expression from my heart. For example, most of my work can be said to be very nicely structured. The flow is smooth and the storyline impactful. Sorry, I had nothing to do with the structuring of my work. I simply thought about my feelings regarding whatever I was writing about and after I had completed my work I would read what I had produced only to discover the almost perfect structuring. Not my doing.

It is my belief that all of us have access to a flow of energy that gives meaning to the term, InLak’ech, I am another you. I also believe that this notion is also something that our indigenous people, in one form or another, happen to believe. Stated differently, we are all children of the earth and of the universe and this relationship to nature and the rotations of the planets in our universe, that Western European ideology could never understand with their scientistically based form of consciousness. We lead with our hearts and they lead with mathematical and linguistic structures. In this context, it is for my indigenous brothers and sisters that I make this material available to you now. I do live a modest life at this point at the age of 69 and disabled, but I would very much enjoy having just a few more options to choose from. I will not charge any money for my work, it can all be either read for free online or downloaded for your convenience and sharing with others at no cost. I will also provide a donation option in the event that some of you may wish to contribute to increasing my options in life. However, nothing is required or expected.

In my work leading up to the Ph.D. Degree in the History of Consciousness, I sought to answer for myself why we the indigenous are so different from the Western European consciousness and ideology. In the process, I discovered what I believe is the answer. Apparently, Western Europeans have previously been lost and confused intellectually, as can be seen throughout the period between the Dark Ages and the birth of Modernism. During this period truth was based on the desires of kings or appeal to religious entities. In this context, the truth could mean one thing in a certain area and another in a different area. This, then, was the basis for their seeming lost and confused.

The birth of Modernist ideology brought with it a virtually mechanical conception of truth. That is, the truth became dependant upon empirical verification. This, then, was the requirement and promise of scientific methodology. In Western European consciousness this was understood as a means with which to ensure that what is considered truth in one area was equally considered truth in another. This sense of certainty was deemed absolute. It was no longer necessary to appeal to kings or religious entities. It was in this context that Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God.

Alternatively, indigenous people have never been lost or confused. An examination of indigenous ideologies from all native groups no matter how distant or detached from other indigenous groups, all share in a fundamental belief that we are all one within our universe of planets and we are all children of the earth that seek to live in harmony with the rotation of planets in our universe and with nature. Montezuma, for example, once asked his wisemen and poets what we, as children of the earth, could ever know to be true. After a period of discussion and consideration, the poets and wisemen returned to Montezuma and responded to his query by reciting a poem that embodied the notions of flower and song as a metaphor for poetry. In essence, their response to his question meant that “life is a poem to be lived”.

Consider further that at this point in time, indigenous people had already mastered scientific methodology long before Western Europeans even knew what that was, with their mastery of mathematical and geographical sophistication, agriculture, architecture, astronomy, and the arts. Based on this response, it was then decided that metaphysical knowledge, spirituality, and ideology would all take precedence over scientific or empirical truth. Unfortunately, Western Europeans never did have a heart or considered themselves part of nature. Instead of thinking that we are all one with the universe, nature and each other, they are unattached to anyone or anything else and life revolves around each of them individually.

I have expressed these points so that you might better understand where I’m coming from. In the eyes of the status que, my writings and my ideas are not worth the time it would take to read them. I have no acceptable justification for my claims and contentions nor can they be considered reasonable or valid given their abstract ideological basis. What representatives of the status quo don’t understand is that I have never had the intention of expressing myself within the context of Western European consciousness. Our indigenous people share in having a poetic consciousness where the heart is what motivates our expressions. Furthermore, in our way, I don’t even ask to be believed. It is my belief that if you are exposed to my words and beliefs, you should not simply accept what I say. Instead, simply let the words adjust themselves within your own sense of seeing the world and believe whatever your own heart feels. In this way, any truth you may discover shall be your own, not mine.

Please know that my words and stories have been very personal to me and were never intended to be published or made available to anyone other than 2 or 3 close friends over my entire lifetime. I have been receiving information from a large variety of fields and individuals for many years that shared in the end-time theme. My personal favorite book is “The Manifesto for the Noosphere” by Jose Arguelles(2011). After the merger of Quantum Mechanics and Physics to become Quantum Physics, Many articles have been written on the phenomenon of the Noosphere. My research in these areas was secondary for me as a devout student of philosophy. My entrance into the entire body of subject matter information originated with the text, Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was one of the first philosophers to address the issue, particularly in the three texts I read entitled, “The Future of Man” (1946); “The Phenomenon of Man (1955), and “The Divine Milieu” (1957. In more contemporary efforts “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” (1996) by Brian Swimme and many others.

The bottom line is this, all such work, as highly credible as it is, all point to a transformation of cosmic proportions that is about to be realized whether humanity is ready for it or not. The only remaining question is to what extent human beings are able to influence our future transformation. Quantum Physics has successfully postulated the existence of the Noosphere and believes the energy frequency of words and sounds at the basis of the creation of reality. Today, there are organizations of enlightened and knowledgable human beings worldwide that hold ceremonies virtually identical to those of our own indigenous populations. It is believed that by uniting human consciousness in an organized global context to will the visualization of what is termed the “Rainbow Bridge” into our hearts, that it might be possible to stave off the annihilation of life as we now know it.

In my personal opinion, I have lived my entire life with access to a flow of energy within me that is consistent with what Quantum Physics would describe as Noospheric Consciousness and spiritual liberation. I have never been one to accept any information coming from outside of myself. Instead, I allow words to adjust themselves within my own sense of being and spiritual enlightenment. However, the impression that I have of all such information is that it is consistent with the suggested meaning found in my own work from a very young age. “The Train of Thought” for example. I present myself and my ideas to you now in the hope that you might find a way to understand for yourselves what is thought of as the impending transformation. In this context, I will say that my meanings in what I have written, often reveal the path of spiritual liberation.