Mayan-Tibetan Connections & Prophecies

by Hunbatz Men and Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

It was the summer of 1993, in the comfort of my Mt. Shasta home, that Hunbatz Men began to reveal to me the ancient history and prophecy of the ancient Maya. As he began to teach me in the traditional oral fashion, I was fascinated how his story had similarities along with so many other cultures around the world. His stories of creation and the cosmos, the connections with Earth, Orion and the Pleiadies, confirmed some deep memories for me. I was told of the connections between Tibet and the Maya, and the importance of a visit from His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

In May of 1994, Hunbatz Men sent me three pages of sacred manuscript that completed the story he began that summer day in Mt. Shasta. He gave me permission to publish it. He said it was time for all who desired to know, should know. Below is the complete text and may be republished in any way, without permission, but it is asked to respect the teachings and leave it in its entirety and unchanged.

“This text, taken from a sacred manuscript, belongs to all initiates seeking solar initiation all over the world.” Hunbatz Men

When time had no age, Tepeu and Gugumatz emerged from the heavens as creators, as molders. Many times they met and from the harmony that had been established between them. They made a great decision. They asked HUNAB K’U for the creation of the human being and of all forms of life on mother earth.

HUNAB K’U responded: “From my house in the heavens, I imaged all creation on earth. You will be the molders, the caretakers of what I will create. “HUNAB K’U built his house in the form of a pyramid. At the highest point he established Huyubcaan. He told him: “You will set forth the breath so that all will begin to take life.” In this manner, all was established in the house of God in the heavens. HUNAB K’U placed in the center of his pyramidal house in the heavens, the constellation of Orion, so that it could be the beacon of the great light, the great brilliance. It was flushed with multiple colors that harmonized with the cosmic celestial music of the heavens. HUNAB K’U established that the human being could spiritually enter this sacred temple forever.

All this was accomplished by HUNAB K’U in 7 measures of time. To Tepeu and Gugumatz he said: “Stay together always. You, Huyubcaan, will also live at the highest point of my pyramid as will Tepeu and Gugumatz. Each one of you will be a star.” HUNAB K’U continued: “Take care of the light that I leave within my temple. When you form the human being, teach him to venerate my house, for within it they will find the light they need for eternal life. Teach him also that if he should stray, due to his errors, vices or ignorance, then I, HUNAB K’U will reclaim my beloved beings and take them to my temple of wisdom and nourish them again with my light which is in the heavens. Then, together, Tepeu, Gugumatz and Huyubcaan, will perform purification rituals using that brilliant light for the benefit of my beloved whom we created and molded, so they can live in the light of eternal wisdom.”

This was done by the creators, the molders, before time. For this reason, the Maya people remained attentive watching the heavens for thousands of years in order to understand the great law of HUNAB K’U. In his honor and out of respect, thousands of pyramids were built in many parts of the world that the Maya visited. They traveled north, south, east and west. When they arrived in the province of Shenshi, a group of pyramids was built, one of them rising some 300 meters above the ground. When they were in Tibet, the great white pyramid was built along the Himalayan mountain range. In the forest of Cambodia the pyramid of Angkor was built, and in Egypt other pyramids were built, as was the case in many other places in the world. All of these pyramidal temples were built when mankind lived in the light of the cosmic wisdom.

In Wenk’el the Mayan priests reminded their people of the ancient prophecy of the Solar Grandmother, the K’NUUK’IN, so they could understand their destiny.

The K’NUUK’IN prophesied: It is written in the time that a brother from faraway land, way beyond the sea, will come to awaken the Maya people, who are to remain asleep during a period of darkness.This brother will come dressed in the colors of the Sun, which will remind the Maya people of their ancient commitment with their solar creator. (His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet wears the colors of the sun which are red and yellow. His Holiness will also have to travel across the sea in order to visit the Maya land.) Only in this manner will the solar cosmic knowledge return to be shared again with all other members of the sacred human race.”

During this reunion in Wenk’al, which took place in 1475, the Supreme Maya Priestly Council assembled to reveal that a calendar cycle of twice the K’ALTUN of 260 years had to go by in order for the Maya Solar Culture to flourish again for the benefit of mankind. In this same reunion, it was prophesied that the darkness that would fall upon the Maya people would be brought by two persons that were to be born 4 and 13 years after the Wenk’al meeting.

The Mayan priest revealed the use of the K’ALTUN calendar. This calendar was made up of 13 periods of 20 years each, or 260 years. It was prophesied that two cycles of the K’ALTUN had to be completed in order to bring an end the darkness brought by Spain. That is, two times 260 years = 520 years which, counted as of 1475, add up to 1995 years.

In 1995 the calendar cycle of twice the K’ALTUN will be completed. It is a decisive year and the sacred human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light if it is to remain a thinking species.

The human race will have to seek, in the year 1995, the path of initiation on Earth and in Heaven. Watch anew HUNAB K’U’s pyramidal house. In spirit, visit Tepeu, Gugumatz and Huyubcaan, so they may lead it into the house of God. Together they will pray, meditate and work with the sacred light of the brightest star of Orion. (In the constellation Orion the brightest star is Bellatrix, which is the lower sholder of Orion)

Through this initiation they will be able to see the luminosity of the great spirit. When this spiritual initiation is completed in the house of HUNAB K’U in heaven, the spirit of each initiate will be illumined. Then, it will return to Earth to awaken the body and take it to the pyramids. Chichen Itza, Uxmal, K’aba, Etznah, Palenque, all of these sacred Mayan centers have a specific function in every part of the body to awaken the 7 powers contained in it.

Only through the solar initiation can the sleeping body of mankind be awakened. The reincarnated teachers of the new age of Aquarius implore for the sacred human race to awaken, so that in this way it can fulfill its sacred destiny, which is to be the true sons and daughters of the cosmic light. The time of knowledge approaches, the light in the center of the pyramidal house of HUNAB K’U will flash like lighting that will pierce through the shadows that envelop the human race. Let us prepare to receive the light of knowledge that comes from HUNAB K’U and transcend into the memory of the creator and become beings of eternal luminosity. (This text is released through: Mayan Initiation Centers Center for Mayan Studies Comunidad Indigena Maya and Hunbatz Men)

This knowledge of the cosmos has been passed down for generations in Hunbatz Men’s family, prior to the arrival of the Spanish. For generations his family told the stories and taught the knowledge to a chosen few. Hunbatz is one who was chosen. At age one, he began to continue the tradition by beginning his studies with his Uncle Don Beto. Now at age 53, with five decades of knowledge and wisdom, Hunbatz Men is sharing the stories and teaching about the sacred calendar, the Tzolk’in, as it was taught to him. The knowledge of the ancient connections between earth, the Pleiadies and Orion and how Science and Religion are one, has dimmed in our cosmic awareness. It is time for all to remember what the Maya have known for eons.

In August of 1993 during the World Vision 2000 conference, in Washington DC, Hunbatz Men invited His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to help reactivate the sacred sites of Chicchan Itza and Uxmal in the spring of 1995. According to the sacred text above, this historical event will complete this ancient Mayan prophecy, as two complete K’altun cycles (520 years) will have passed. As this article was written the invitation had been accepted into a special review committee for His Holiness. We ask that all beings of humanity join us in holding the vision of the fulfillment of history and solar activation of human kind for a new Itza Age. PANCHE BE !! “seeking the root of truth.

Information regarding The SOLAR INITIATION SPRING TOUR OF 1995 to the Maya Land, can be obtained by contacting: Aluna Joy Yaxk’in – P.O. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067 USA ph/fax 916- 926-1351. If you wish to obtain a free copy of the Mayan prophecy w/map of the magnetic grid and instructions for Solar Initiation shared by Hunbatz Men and/or a free one month Mayan Calendar, please send self addressed stamped envelope. Small donation are greatly appreciated to help cover printing costs.
HUNBATZ MEN is a Mayan Elder, Day Keeper, and ceremonial leader who shares the teachings of the traditional Maya. He lectures and performs Solar Initiation world wide. His has authored many books, including The Secrets of Mayan Sicence/Religion. He is the worlds leading expert on art and calendar systems of the Maya, and an accomplished artist. Hunbatz Men is the founder of Indigenous Mayan Community for Studies and Cultural Dissemination in Merida, Mexico.

ALUNA JOY YAXK’IN is the author “The Mayan Suns” a journal based of the sacred Mayan calendar Tzolk’in. She teaches “Return path to the Sun” a workshop based on cosmic/traditional teachings of the Maya and offers “Mayan Solar Destiny Readings.” Aluna has been receiving information from her “buddies” since she was a small child, but it wasn’t until 1990 that they jokingly informed her they were the Gods of the Mayan Calendar, the Cosmic Maya. She has been working with day-keeper Hunbatz Men on several projects, including The Solar Initiation Journey to Mexico to fulfill the ancient Mayan prophesies of 1995 and calendars studies. Her work has been accepted curriculum at The Center for Mayan Studies in Merida Mexico. She continues to merge cosmic and traditional Mayan based information through her organization Hauk’in Publishing which is dedicated to the rediscovery of the cosmic wisdom of the Maya fulfilling the vision to bridge the gaps between the Earth tribes and the Star tribes.



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