Mayan Cosmology


Introduction To Mayan Cosmology
by Mark Rice and Yari Jeada

Although the Mayan civilization mysteriously and suddenly disappeared, there are indigenous people who say they are descendants of the Mayans and one who is the “timekeeper.” The name of the current timekeeper is Hunbatz Men, who is part of the Mayaon Mayan Council, a group who have banded together to preserve the remnants of the Mayan culture. For more information on Hunbatz Men, write to his main US contact, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in at PO Box 1351 (Dept.S) Mt. Shasta, CA 06067.

Many Bay Area scientists involved in new physics have studied Mayan cosmology and have found Mayan theories that correspond to their own. Some scholars in the field of chaos theory have recognized that the Mayans knew of, and in fact lived within, a world view based on the balanced rational and intuitive comprehension of non-linear orders. In the last fifteen years, non-linear orders have been the focus of chaos theory. There is now widespread recognition by Western scientists that these non-linear orders have a fundamental connection to both the nature of reality and to spirituality.

Mayan Calendar Concepts

Use of the Mayan calendar is said to dissolve linear fear-based rigid structures in the minds and souls of those who use it. Engaging one’s mind in Mayan cosmology, through use of the calendar, breaks the spell of linear sequential time and opens the player up to the higher timeless potentials of their minds and entire nervous systems. The Mayan calendar is essentially different than our current Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is said to keep us out of tune with the harmonies of the earth and cosmos by keeping us focused on a linear “time is money” conveyor-belt-like concept of time. Mayan time, however, is depicted as radiating out of the present moment with no intent to take us somewhere other than the now.

For the Mayans, time has no fundamental reality, but can be conceptualized more as a holographic interference pattern that weaves itself within the body’s various nervous system circuits. This pattern of time is then projected or superimposed over the eternity of the new moment, creating the apparent illusion of linear sequential time. By properly integrating the different circuits of the nervous system, one can learn to stop continually projecting the illusion of linear time onto the current moment and awaken to the ever-present eternity that is here and now.

The Mayan calendar can be viewed as a paradigm for the map of both the individual and collective psyches in their co-evolution. It represents the evolutionary process that synchronizes life patterns with earth and natural cycles. The Mayans are called the diviners of harmony — they see the galaxy as a living organism and light as the connective tissue. The Mayan calendar represents time as a series of some 16 interrelated calendars (imagine gears). The most important calendars are the 260-day calendar and the 365-day thirteen-moon calendar.

The Mayan calendar can be used as a system of divination, but is also an entire cosmology. It was designed to synchronize life patterns with earth cycles, biological cycles and celestial/galactic cycles. Its use triggers a growth and unfoldment of our personal awareness and potential. The Mayans teach that our current calendar system — the Gregorian system imposed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1592 — is out of sync with our biological rhythms, planetary electro-magnetic fields and many celestial cycles. The use of our current calendar system is said to encourage disharmony by throwing humanity out of sync with the living biosphere of the earth. Synchronization with our unnatural calendar has, according to the Mayans, caused humanity to declare war, worship materialism and pollute the planet. We have thus become the enemy of the very biosphere that we depend on for our survival.

The Mayans believe that when their calendar systems are used, people synchronize with this more natural timing frequency and their essential energy body is harmonically attuned with larger planetary and galactic fields. Following the Mayan calendar has a liberating effect on consciousness. This freeing influence will move us into a non-linear order of love and abundance which will facilitate all the “tribes” (races) of the planet working together in harmony. For information on how to activate your energy body by using the Mayan seals, see the Mayan Seal Dream Practice.

Other Mayan Beliefs

The Mayans see God as the divine creative imagination that “imagined” this universe into being. To awaken one’s own cosmic creative imagination is to awaken to one’s own immortal divine nature. At this point one becomes co-operative and co-creative with the universal creative imagination, which is presently imagining, and thus creating, this reality.

The Mayans believe that you can change your past history by changing its memory in the present. They use dreamwork or altered states to reengineer their memories, thus changing their pasts. They are then molders and not victims of time.

We unfold our reality by the decisions we make. The Mayans believe that there exist alternate versions of reality corresponding to the decision paths not taken and that we can, under certain circumstances, connect with these alternate realities in ways that can benefit us.


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