Father Sun

A New Message From Father Sun
by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

The Mayan yearly message of cosmic remembrance

Every solar year during the Spring equinox, Father Sun sends a message to humanity. This message is in the form of solar light. This light is information or truth that gives mankind direction and purpose, helping each to fulfill their personal destinies within the grand plan of the Creator.

The Maya understand this special dawning, and with each rising of the Equinox Sun, the Maya wait for the message that is to carry them through the next solar year. The wisdom keepers of our indigenous peoples who have carried ancient prophesies understand what is revealed for each new year. One of these wisdom keepers is the Mayan elder, Hunbatz Men. His family was chosen to carry ancient wisdom through the dark ages to a time when the truth of cosmic knowledge could be revealed and become accessible to humanity again.

The time for solar knowledge to be revealed in the heart song of humanity is now. This past Spring Equinox, 1995, millions around the globe placed their attention on the rising Sun, waiting for the new message in the dawning of another cycle of time called K’altun. It was in that moment that humanity placed an intention in their hearts. This intention was to fully remember the knowledge of the cosmos and to begin to bridge the gaps between religions, races and cultures. That sunny March morning, humanity was birthed into the light, leaving behind a cycle of 520 years of darkness, a cycle of belief and faith. On this sacred day we entered a 520-year cycle of knowing. We now are realizing, knowing and understanding while in the past we could only rely on faith to see us through.

This entire year our hearts have been singing our cosmic remembering into manifestation. We are witnessing the gaps between the races, religions and cultures decrease at an amazing rate. We have done our work well. But as Hunbatz Men states, we cannot understand all solar knowledge in one day. We need to learn step by step, year by year. We awaken in gentle layers of light. As the Creator sends the next layer of solar wisdom to the plant Earth, filled with knowledge and an intention for humanity, Mayan elder Hunbatz Men releases a message based on the ancient wisdom his family has carried for centuries. Within this ancient text for the next Mayan new year is the prophesy of the resurgence of Mysteries Schools around the world. This is the physical manifestation of Mayan prophecy.

The following is paraphrased from a sacred Mayan text, released from the Maya Mysteries School.

According to High Initiation, it is written that the wisdom of the cosmic light will return. When the human race begins to slip into the darkness of ignorance, oblivion and despair, it will be the wisdom of the seven brothers (the Pleiades) of our Father Sun that will shed the great light of wisdom in order to awaken the powers that have remained dormant in human beings due to an erroneous form of education. In the New Age, the Mysteries Schools have the responsibility of reclaiming a confused mankind and leading it through the path of the multicolored light of cosmic education….
For many moons and suns, mankind has been disoriented. In these modern times, it is with sadness that we see how ordinary human beings are manipulated and consistently forced into the abyss of physical and spiritual destruction, or simply used as experiments, by a few groups that control the majority of mankind.

Hunab K’u, who can see and understand everything, knows that the time for the group change has come. The word for us to return to the ancient temples has been received from the cosmos. It is here and now that the Great Spirit is beginning to call us back to the magnetic sites. The incarnated Masters are beginning to raise their voice of knowledge in the ancient sites so their teachings can be heard. It is in the ancient sites that the cosmic word to attain wisdom in a gradual manner has been received.

Cosmic education will commence again at the crossing of abandoned roads and, in forgotten lands, the ancient temples will flourish again, the white roads of the High Initiation will be walked on again, roads leading south, north, west and east.

Thousands of people will walk these roads under the celestial vault, heading for the point where the sun rises, awaiting the solar wind, and they will hear the solar wind whisper by night, speak with the trees, move as breeze through dwellings to purify the skeptics, give movement to the clouds and, when the solar wind reaches those people, it will gently touch their faces to let them know that it is time for the initiation that will come from the sea and from the sky; that will be a propitious time to open Mysteries Schools all over the world.

It is to you, Solar Brother or Sister, wherever on earth you may live, that a brother from the sacred land of the Maya is speaking, to inform you that the Maya spiritual teachers, who dwell in the sacred pyramids, have directed that we must unite to walk the path of the light of wisdom, learn again from the wind, the water, the trees and the sun, and return to the wisdom of life-giving Mother Earth. These spiritual Mayan teachers further request that we are to observe solar ethics to remain as children of the Great Father Sun so that, through our children and the children of our children, we can exist eternally.

On…March 21, a perfect balance of energy will be present all over the planet earth. Working positively with this sacred energy, we can send it, together with our message, to any corner of the world and correct erroneous political systems as well as personal religious beliefs. This energy, which will also emanate from the water, the trees and caves, can help us develop our seven cosmic powers considerably, to attain great spiritual power. Only in this manner can we become true cosmic beings.

The solar energy of March 21 and the energy of the first full moon following this date, can give us sufficient cosmic vitality to do spiritual and physical work day and night. This sacred cosmic energy can be used to correct faults in modern society…. In this manner, we can use the natural powers of the sun and the moon to produce positive changes in the multicolored Age of Aquarius…. The Great Spirit will also tell us how we can better understand Mother Earth to receive her teachings…teachings will come from the clouds, the wind, the birds, the butterflies and the flowers. In this manner this natural wisdom, together with the essence of sacred mathematics, will be conveyed to the sacred human race.

On March 21st, 1996, for the first time since the abandonment of this ceremonial center, solar initiates will take seven roads of light into the sacred site of Becan near the border of Belize. This, according to Hunbatz Men, is a critical time as each site needs to be reawakened and activated by solar initiates from around the world. In turn, the initiates will receive a message to take back to their lands of origin to spread among their communities. Thus the message begins to radiate around the globe through resonance and the spoken word.

On the March Equinox of 1996, Hunbatz Men and the ancient vision of the Maya tradition is expanding to bridge the gaps between religions, culture and race by inspiring the opening of autonomous mysteries schools around the globe. These schools will be connected with each other so as to share knowledge among different sacred sites, continents, races, cultures and religions. Within this integrated system many leaders of the new world will join and merge their teachings, sharing the self-empowering truth of solar wisdom that is available to all humanity, not just an elite few. Our brothers from the East, Tibetan lamas, stated last equinox, “The Sun shines on all of humanity.” With this type of integrated learning, we will begin to realize that we have been speaking the same truth, only describing it differently. We are the rainbow family of humanity!

The Maya share with us the importance of understanding the movement of the Sun and moon and its importance to ensure balanced and correct communication among spirit and body, earth and the cosmos, and especially among each other. Behind their words I realize they are speaking of the telepathic communication and synchronicity of events that I feel is humanity’s birthright. These abilities help create a life filled with ease and prosperity.

We have had the blessing of having lived to see a large cycle of darkness come to a close. Don’t fall into lethargy because we have entered into an age of light. Awakening is a continuing process as solar wisdom and deep cosmic knowledge is released in layers within our being. Our body remembers the past. Our spirit remembers our future. The real work begins now, every hour, every day and with this equinox, every year. We have a choice how our reality will manifest.

The Maya are inviting humanity worldwide to empower themselves into awakened cosmic humans, and invite all to await and honor the rising Equinox Sun with solar ceremony. One can do this whether with the Mayas in the Yucatan or in a sacred place within the local community. The Maya are asking people to gather together and place the heart’s song, intentions for a positive future, within the cycle of this new Equinox. With the rising of the Sun, chant the name of the Sun, K’IEEEEN. Send this vibration, mixed with your spirit’s desire all the way back to the source. Send a message of dedication and love for all life and humanity. Listen for your personal message of dedication and love for all life and humanity. Listen for your personal message from the Creator. Dedicate yourself to the light of truth and self-empowerment. Ask for ways to be of service to humanity. Help ease the burden of those still living in darkness. From this day on, remember to listen to every living thing. Listen to the song of life, and when spirit calls upon you, remember you are a piece of the Sun and have a special message to give to humanity. Share it!

To receive a copy of the sacred Mayan text, a Mayan solar ceremony and a drawing of the sacred site, Becan, send your address and two first class stamps to Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, P.O. Box 1351, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. Donations to cover printing are greatly appreciated.

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, author, photographer, speaker on the connections between cosmic and indigenous teaching, has been initiated by Mayan shaman Hunbatz Men as a cosmic messenger. Her work is accepted as an extension of the Center for Mayan Studies in Merida, Mexico. She is founder of Hauk’in, Center for Solar Initiation.


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