Journey to Tikal

Where Stones Speak

by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

In my travels to the Mayalands, I have never been so filled with the presence of spirit as when I am in sites that have an abundance of standing stones, called stelae. Highly carved with human-like images, these stones transmit cosmic wisdom. This past spring I was blessed to be able to travel to three sacred sites which are noted for their stelae. Tikal and Quirigua in Guatemala, and Copan in Honduras.

TIKAL – The journey started in Tikal under the guidance of the “guardian” of the site and instructions from my buddies to connect with the spirits in the stones. I was joined by seven new friends, who, at the thought of them, still makes my T sing.

The guardian, an androgynous being, watches the front gate of Tikal cleverly disguised as a giant Ceiba tree. The Ceiba is sacred to the Maya. We experienced its magical guidance while we explored Tikal. We performed solar ceremony atop many Mayan temples, and were awestruck watching Venus set atop Temple Two. Dimensional doorways created by the howl of the monkeys helped us access the music of the spheres. It was a magical few days, but what affected me the most was an intimate connection with a particular carved stone stelae.

On our last morning in Tikal, I was called to enter the site at dawn to “connect” with a being in a stone near the entrance of the north complex. In a telepathic conversation, I learned its history and wisdom. It as after this connecting that I knew I was to travel to Copan and Quirigua during this trip.

COPAN – When we entered Copan for the first time, we were overwhelmed at its power and elegant beauty. But soon we became painfully aware of the blatant lack of respect for this sacred site by the archeologists. Copan, known for its highly carved stelae, is getting much attention due to recent discoveries there. The legalized grave robbers were pillaging every pyramid in sight. All the stelae were surrounded with wire and covered with ugly tin roofs. We could not connect with the stelae as the wire broke the energy flow. The Stairway of Inscriptions was covered by a stinking oil tent to protect it from the sun and rain.

Understandably depressed, our first day ended at the local hang out, the Tun Kul Restaurant. Upon entering, it was clear that it was also the hangout for the local archeologists. The “man of the hour” was present and casually positioned against the bar in easy view of all who might admire him. Another noted archeologist suspiciously looked like a cheap version of Indiana Jones, smoking a stogie. We just looked at each other, Jeez! And held back the laughter. So far, my experience of Copan had been disappointing.

That night, the comet, Hyakutake, would be visible, so we headed out in the dark toward the front gates of Copan. On the left, two stone stelae, loomed in the darkness. They were fenced off with barbed wire. I climbed through the wire and, for the first time, connected with the sacred site of Copan. Reaching up on tiptoes to hold the hands of the 20 foot stelae I could feel a bolt of energy/light from the cosmos anchored to Earth’s core. It was in this moment that the night sky got my attention. I looked up and for the first time on my journey, saw the amazing blue blur of the comet Hyakutake. I was overcome with an ancient feeling of déjà vu, and felt that a cycle of time of which I was a part had returned again to its point of origin. It was no accident that we where here during a time when this comet was visible.

The next day I re-entered Copan. Because of my connection with the stelae the night before, I was now able to feel the spirits of the standing stones, in spite of the wire fences. The trip had not been for nothing.

Later that day I sat across a courtyard from the Stairway of Inscriptions. Out of nowhere, a frail old man approached me and began to tell a story of the ancient Maya. Only understanding a little Spanish, my telepathy kicked in and we locked eyes. He pointed with a feather-tipped stick to carvings on a nearby stone platform, then to the stairway across the courtyard. He shared how the Maya prepared for initiation on the platform and then used the stairway to walk into the SUN! This Beautiful elder was born in 1911 and has lived his entire life in Copan. His name is Avcevio Leon Carranza and it was obvious to me that he was the guardian of Copan. He let me take his picture and with this image you can see the beauty and wisdom this being holds. Once again I had been blessed by spirit. My trip to Copan was complete.

QUIRIGUA – The next day we journeyed through the magical mountains of the Peten. Every mountain and valley felt like a temple or shrine. The land echoed of a sacred, ancient time when all of life was magic. Visiting Quirigua was a dream of mine for many years. I was hoping it would validate a past life memory of the ancient star travelers, the Cosmic Maya.

During that past life, I was in a site with hundred of indigenous Maya and witnessed the last of the Cosmic Maya depart Earth, with a properly placed cosmic breath. It was time for the star beings to leave Earth, as the dark cycles approached. I remembered a courtyard with stone steps on all four sides where the indigenous sat to witness the event. The Cosmic Maya were at ground level. This was an odd memory, as one would expect the Cosmic Maya to have exited Earth in grand style, on top of a huge pyramid.

But in my memory, the Cosmic Maya were reverently standing on the Earth just before they disappeared into the stars. The indigenous Maya who came to see them off were seated above them on the stone steps. It was as if the indigenous Maya were symbolically taking the place of the Cosmic Maya while they were gone. Here, humbly with feet touching earth for the last time, these star beings said their good-byes to the Earth, Sun, birds, trees and stones. Filled with love and tears, they expressed their good-byes to their Earthly friends.

In this lifetime, filled with anticipation, I re-entered the gates to Quirigua. We walked on meticulous stone paths, surrounded by a radiant garden that echoed visions of Eden. This site was treated with great respect for its sacredness and spirit. The trees were amazingly beautiful and the air was filled with a symphony performed by hundreds of birds. The energy was awash with sweet, yet strong heart energy. There was a deep presence of peace. We came to a large grassy causeway, filled with incredibly beautiful stelae. These standing stone hold a presence of spirit I had not experienced in this life. They were powerful and confident, dwarfing me in body and spirit. I was humbled as they rose nearly 30 feet above me. These guardians hold diligently to the Light portals as they curl their arms up in a spiral position.

Further ahead, I could see a huge organically carved stone. This one, with his eyes closed, is anchoring the patterns of the universe. Just beyond was a length of rising stone steps. As I ascended the steps, my heart began to quicken. This was the moment of truth. Was my memory just a dream, or was Quirigua the site where the Cosmic Maya traveled to and from the Earth at will?

When I reached the top of the steps and looked out ahead of me, I was stunned. Dropping down in front of me was a courtyard, just as I remembered. The universe arranged a sweet confirmation. The courtyard was filled with a choir of DOVES. They were singing, Hunab K’UUU, Hunab K’UUU. All I could do was sit down and feel overwhelmed with JOY. My hands resting on the stone steps were vibrating. I looked down at the stone steps to discover to my amazement, that many of the stones in this courtyard were made of white quartz crystal!

I stepped down to the ground level and sat in the center of the courtyard, the very place where the Cosmic Maya once stood so many centuries ago. For a brief moment I was blessed as time disappeared. I was in the most sacred of churches. I was filled with the presence of love. My heart swelled with bittersweet feelings.

I believe when one comes to these sacred places, it is destiny. It is synchronistic that I returned just days after the Equinox and within the dimensional doorway created between two comets. The stories of the Hopi and the wisdom of the Maya are clues that there is more to this experience than I understand in this moment. I am driven to return to Quirigua before the next Equinox and feel a deep desire to bring others with me who hear the call. Maybe we will be homing beacons for the Cosmic Maya’s return. Maybe we will become the star beings ourselves!

Join us next year on a journey to Quirigua, Copan and Tikal. Help us re-discover the whole story of our cosmic origin. Maybe we will break the barriers between the dimensions, and learn to fly again.

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