The Dreamspell

– A New Dispensation –

Many millennia ago, a dark spell was cast upon humanity when the abundant chalice of the peaceful agricultural civilizations, following a calendar of 13 moons, was destroyed by the sword of the Enlilian dogs-of-war. It is time to return to the chalice and to evolve as the terra sapien species we were originally meant to be. By burning our Gregorian calendars and freeing our minds from the guilt and psycho-babble of the Babylonian Vatican, we can return to Natural Time and evolve as the multi-dimensional beings that we are. We can accomplish this by participating in the Dreamspell.

The Dreamspell is a gift given from Pacal Votan to free humanity from the false 12:60 third dimensional Timing frequency. It is a return to the sacred 260 day Tzolkin and the 13:20 Timing frequency, imbued with the knowledge of Thoth/Quetzalcoatl and the Galactic Mayan Masters.

The Dreamspell calendar consists of 13 moons, each with 28 days. The 364 days consists of the sacred 52 weeks of 7 mystical days each. The 365th day is celebrated as a day “out-of-time.” Multiplications of the sacred numbers 4, 7, and 13 abound, and each month is linked with the 28 day biological cycle of the female, and the lunar cycles. The cycles of the sacred 260 day Tzolkin perpetually turn within the 365 day solar calendar, creating 20 perpetually turning frequency possibilities (See “The Twenty Solar Frequencies of the Dreamspell”) combining intricately with the 13 perpetually turning galactic tones (See “The 13 Galactic Tones of the Wavespell”). The solar calendar and the sacred Tzolkin perfectly realign every 52 years.

Within the Tzolkin of the Dreamspell are twenty 13 day periods called Wavespells, which always begin with Tone 1, the “Magnetic Gate.” Each Wavespell is in the form of fourth dimensional Time containing the 13 galactic tones of creation in an ever-spiraling cycle of evolution, and with a different combination of the solar frequencies. We can experience the cycles of the creative process in a fourth dimensional experience during each of these different Wavespells. By experiencing the return to true Natural Time, our lost sense of telepathy will return and our increased intuitive skills will lead us safely through the upcoming Earth Changes. Aligned again with our biological rhythms, we become realigned with natural world around us and the Mayan saying “In Lak’ech.” It means “I am another yourself.” This is a profound statement meaning that what I do to my brother, I do to myself… What I do to my Earth Mother, I do to myself. It is a return to the peaceful Terra Sapien species we were encoded to be, rather than an evolutionary destiny with a conversion to Techno Sapien whose consciousness is imbued with mechanized 12:60 machine time and greed.

In 1993 CE, we entered the last 19+ year katun, of the last 144,000 day baktun (approximately 394 solar years), of the last 5125 Great Cycle of the larger 25,625 year cycle, which all end on December 21st, 2012. Since the Time Shift in 1992, the Earth and her inhabitants have begun to evolve toward the full fourth dimensional experience by 2012. The Earth will evolve into her fourth dimensional Light body, with or without the human species. It is now time to make the choice… Armageddon or the Dreamspell?


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