Pacal Votan

The End of the Great Mayan Cycle – 2012 AD

The Tomb of Pacal Votan – Palenque

When Quetzalcoatl surveyed the galactic energies and humanities’ biological circuitry, he found that the correct fourth dimensional Timing frequency ratio for Earth would be that of 13:20. There would be a problem for humanity down the road though. The Earth had entered a density wave of these galactic energies in 3113 BCE, and would leave this beam at the time of the winter solstice in the year 2012 CE. If humanity evolved, unified, and synchronized with the 13:20 frequency, then it would be a major evolutionary date with their galactic destiny. If not, then the Dark Prophesy of Revelation and the triumph of the 12:60 Timing frequency of Armageddon would prevail.

Quetzalcoatl sent out a call to the far reaches of space for help. Many galactic masters began incarnating in the land of the Maya to help the Earth attune with the 13:20 frequency and 260 galactic constant of the Beam. In 830 CE, the galactic Maya were gone, their mission complete. The crystal core of the Earth Mother was humming at a 13:20 frequency. The tenth baktun had come to a close and it was time for departure and prophesy. The Enlilian war god Huitzilopochtli had driven Quetzalcoatl from Mexico and a time of darkness approached. It was foretold that on the day of 1 Reed, in the Year 1 Reed, either Quetzalcoatl would return and usher in an era of peace until the 2012 CE date, or the false-Quetzalcoatl of the Babylonian Vatican would appear and usher in 9, 52-year cycles of hell. On the day 1 Reed, in the Year 1 Reed, Good Friday 1519 CE, the false-Quetzalcoatl Hernando Cortes, with a sword in one hand and a cross in the other, stepped foot onto Mexico soil – the nine cycles of hell began.. There was nothing more Quetzalcoatl could do until the end of the 468 years of hell.

There would be one last chance for humanities’ triumph over the Enlilian war gods, the Babylonian Vatican, and the false 12:60 Timing frequency. At the time when the last hell cycle ended on August 16, 1987 CE, if 144,000 people could come together and in like-mind, pray for the Earth, then help would be there for us during the last katun. The celebration held on August 16 and 17, 1987 would become known as Harmonic Convergence. Would Harmonic Convergence succeed? If it did, Quetzalcoatl would return at the time of the Tiger Sun, July 11, 1991… He did!

Soon after, a gift of the Dreamspell would be given to humanity. One of the Galactic Team leaders who incarnated as a Maya, was a fellow named Pacal Votan. He physically incarnated on Earth for the sacred period of 52 solar years. His temple was dedicated in the year 692 CE, 1320 (13:20) solar years from the 2012 date. His tomb was unearthed 1260 (12:60) solar years later in 1952. After the Harmonic Convergence success, the gift of the Dreamspell was given by the Galactic Master Pacal Votan to his messenger Jose Arguelles.

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