Calendar Wars

Time… the fourth dimension. But what is Time? Is Time represented accurately by the digital alarm clock beside your bed or the clock on your wrist? Is Time money? Or is Time exactly measured by the atomic clocks in Switzerland? Or is it none of the above? In an oxymoronic paradox, Time is what you perceive it to be. If you are having a good time, Time flies. If you are having a boring time, Time crawls. Time is of the mind, not of the hands on a third dimensional wall clock. In our case, believing that a wall clock does represent Time as we know it, we are living a late medieval Pope’s concept of linear Time, which like all the controlling psycho-babble from the Vatican, is designed to enslave the human spirit and to set humanity apart from the sacredness of nature. True Time transcends the physical boundaries of our three dimensional concepts, yet our fourth dimensional concept of Time as been captured by the mechanical three dimensional clock with its false 12:60 ratio of Time, and the 12 month Gregorian calendar, which follows no known biological rhythms. Doesn’t Time seem to be speeding up? This is because that as our machines get faster and faster, to be able to work with them, we synchronize our minds to the false concept of machine Time. As we race to our conversion into Techo Sapien, our concept of Time becomes accelerated. Not surprisingly, this false concept of Time was created by the Enlilian gods and passed down through the millennia to the Babylonian Vatican by the Enlilian Brotherhood. And the trap of our Spirit was sprung.

The false Time, with the ratio of 12:60, was thrust upon humanity by Enlil when humanity’s only existence was to serve and toil for the gods – For this concept of Time was to serve the gods, not humanity. The Great Councils of the extraterrestrial gods always had 12 members. So that each of the Council members would have a “slice of the pie,” they divided the heavens into 12 regions. Dividing the Great Processional Cycle (the greater cycle of the earth through the heavens) of 25,920 years divided by 12, gives us an Age of 2160 years. Enlil’s home planet of Nibura has an annual orbit equal to 3600 earth orbits, which was the extraterrestrials concept of time. The ratio of 2160 to 3600 gives us the 6:10 ratio and the base 60 Sumerian numeric system. As 12 and 60 were the sacred numbers to the god’s concept of earthly Time, from high atop the ziggurat in Babylonia, Enlil decreed the day broken up into two 12 hour periods, and each hour to be sixty minutes. Later, during medieval times, when god was deemed to be a clock maker and the universe to be the perfect clock, each minute was broken up into 60 seconds. In 1972, “leap seconds” were added to the annual calendar. Now we’re heading for nano seconds.

Before the Wars between the Enlilian gods and Marduk-Ra raged throughout the region, Thoth/Quetzalcoatl brought both a 13 month lunar and a 12 month solar calendar to the Egyptians. Dating back to 4236 BCE, or about five centuries before Elohim created heaven and earth according to the Enlilian Bible, the Egyptians used a solar calendar, which like the heavens, were divided into 12 equal increments of 30 days each, totaling 360 days. The extra five days, at the end-of-the-year, became a religious festival dedicated to the five gods Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. The lunar calendar corresponded with the natural biological rhythms of the human species, while the solar calendar gave a method to track the timings for the religious ceremonies. When the sun god Marduk-Ra exiled the Moon god Thoth/ Quetzalcoatl from Egypt, he did away with the 13 month lunar calendar altogether.

Turning his attention toward developing a system of correct Time for humanity, Quetzalcoatl came to the New World. To the Maya, he brought a 365 day solar calendar similar to that of the Egyptians, except that it was now linked with a sacred calendar imbued with the galactic energies that interact with our solar system and our biological imprints. The sacred calendar is based on a 13:20 Timing frequency, rather than the false 12:60 Enlilian Timing frequency. The solar calendar consisted of 18 months of 20 days (a vinal) each, and like the Egyptians totaled 360 days (a tun), plus the five day period, which the Maya considered as days “out-of-time.” Interlocked with the solar calendar was the 260 day sacred calendar – the Tzolkin. The calendar wheels of the Tzolkin turn in such a way that one of our sun’s 20 different solar day energies, and one of the 13 galactic energies, which originate from the center of our galaxy, align in one of the 260 different cyclic possibilities each day. The solar calendar and the sacred calendar perfectly realign every 52 years – the magical number of Thoth!

From Babylon, by the decrees of Enlil, then Marduk-Ra, then Enlil again. This false sense of 12:60 time has been handed down through the millennia, first through the Roman maniac Julius Caesar, who is responsible, among other things, for such ignorant acts as renaming the 10th month October. Excuse me, but doesn’t “octo” as in octagon refer to 8, November to 9, and December to 10. After Babylon was conquered in 539 bce by Persian invaders, and later fell into ruins, circa 320 bce, the Greeks adopted a 10 month calendar. To return the Western World to the false 12:60 timing frequency, Julius changed the 10 month Greek calendar back to the Babylonian 12. He did this by adding July for himself, and August for the emperor Augustus. The months at this point were a combination of 30 and 31 days. Jealous that Julius’ month was a day longer than his, Augustus ordered a day taken from 30 days of February, making it 29, and added it to August to make August the same as July… brother. In 532 CE, to enslave us in the false concept of linear Time, the monk Dionysius Exiguus developed an annual count starting with the year 1 CE, which in his best guess was representative of the year Jesus was born. This is why there is a false conception that the year 2000 represents the turn of the millenium… it doesn’t. The year 2001 is actually the 2000th year of the Jesus count, as the year count began with 1. This is because the Western World did not discover the mathematical concept of zero until a thousands years after Exiguus did his calculating, and 1500 years after the more advanced Maya had. In 1582 CE, Pope Gregory XIII, added leap year to the scenario, and enslaved the New World to this false sense of 12:60 linear Jesus AD/BC Time – The false Babylonian Time that according to the word of the christian god began with the creation of the entire universe in 4004 BC, and ends with Armageddon ASAP. The false Time that has humanity racing toward an evolutionary date with a conversion to techno sapien, rather than terra sapien. The false Time whose mad science has brought our Earth Mother to the point of the environmental collapse, rather than returning Her to a garden state.

Humanity has been captured under the dark spell of false Time for over five thousand years. To return to the correct Timing frequency of 13:20, we can begin by burning our Gregorian calendars and begin to participate in a new dispensation – the Dreamspell and the 13 Moon calendar, which like the Mayan calendar reaches both an end and a new beginning on December 21, 2012 AD.


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