Dark Prophacy

The Prophesy of Revelation…


Armageddon… the very word brings images of a final nuclear holocaust to mind. But it is in fact, an anti-christ spin-doctored prophesy – the Dark Prophesy of the patriarchal anti-christ Vatican and its Protestant cults of Reformation.

It is a plan by the Enlilian brotherhood to control, destroy or at least severely cripple the human race. Let’s analyze what Revelations says. Any world leader or leaders bringing peace and unifying this segregated planet is not a man of peace but the devil incarnate fooling humanity. But who is it that has fooled humanity? It is the Vatican, the very bringers of this dark prophesy to you under the disguise of the Word of God! It is the Word of god Enlil, but certainly not the Creator of the Universe’s. For isn’t it the Vatican itself who has brutally killed tens, if not hundreds of millions of people during its 17 century maniacal reign? Isn’t it the Vatican who declared self-righteous war upon the Jews, the Muslims, the pagans, and the Native people of the Americas, and has kept the human race from becoming unified and peaceful? Isn’t it the patriarchal Vatican men’s only club whose celibate lifestyle has been a safe haven for sexually unhealthy preists and bishops who have sexually abused thousands upon thousands of innocent alter boys? Now that the planet is overpopulated by several billion people, bringing the biosphere to a point of environmental collapse, the church has condemned all forms of birth control. It is a sick oxymoronic joke that the Vatican now condemns abortion but has never asked to be forgiven for the death and destruction it has brought unto this planet. Who is the anti-christ, the anti-christ who comes as an angel of light and fools humanity? It is none other than the Babylonian Vatican and its Protestant cults of Reformation, especially the the tribal war gods of the fundamentalist factions.

Groups of people who subscribe to the worship of a tribal war god deity must generate an adversary, whether one exists or not. Every good story needs a villain. During the late 1970’s the fanatical Religious Right of Jerry Falwell had jumped in bed with Ronald Reagan to force their disillusioned beliefs upon the American public. This group was convinced that Mikhail Gorbachev was the anti-christ and that the mark on his forehead was the “Mark of the Beast” foretold of in the Dark Prophesy of Revelation, and had convinced Reagan and many of his hi-level Cabinet members of this. Reagan began making public remarks that he believed Armageddon was just about upon us, and began the Armageddon “Star Wars” project as the ultimate weapon and defense system for the last Great War. James Watt, the Secretary of the Interior, was giving away pristine range land for cattle grazing to his wealthy friends, and justifying it by saying, “It doesn’t matter because the earth will soon be destroyed in god’s apocalypse anyway.” Casper Weinberger said, “I believe the world will soon end by an act of god, and every day I think that our time is running out.” The fanatical tribal behavior of the Religious Right (wrong would be a more accurate description) influencing the people who have the power and the ego to make Armageddon a self-fulfilling prophesy, along with the associated quantum thought put into the manifesting Time Line, is the exact behavior that is fulfilling Enlil’s apocalyptic plan.

Let’s lay down the sword forever – May Armageddon and the war god religions R.I.P.

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