Illusionary Reality

The Illusionary Reality of The Western World
In this “Age of Information,” aren’t all scientific findings reported truthfully? Haven’t we been taught the truth? As we will see, the answer is a resounding “No!” It is as Michael Cremo found, who co-authored “Forbidden Archaeology.” He spent the best part of the last decade researching anthropological and archaeological finds. His conclusion was that “over the past 150 years, anthropologists have really buried as much evidence as they’ve dug up.” This buried evidence are the finds that shatter current scientific textbook dogma, and the beliefs of Western churchianity and the Babylonian Vatican. So, where do we “questors” go from here?

In almost every great ancient civilization, the Sumerians, Egyptians, Teotihuacans, Mayans, and Anasazi, when they were asked by a newcomer about the origins of their genius and knowledge, the response was always “it was given to us by the gods who came from the stars to earth.” It was never, “Oh, my next door neighbor’s great grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright I think was his name, came up with this idea called architecture and we thought it sounded like a good idea so we built this big pyramid.” Again, it was always given from the Gods who came from the Stars. This wasn’t just some religious zealot’s mythological fantasies either. Massive temples were raised toward the heavens, aligned and built with new found vast cosmological understanding and engineering knowledge. Stones of almost unfathomable weight were transported and raised into place. Civilizations blossomed from the soils of nothingness. If we are to find the truth, isn’t it time we should listen to these voices of the ancients who were there at the time rather than to some boring Ph.D. taught and brainwashed into Western dogma with a preconceived agenda? In reality, the sciences that deal with the past, such as archaeology, anthropology, pyramidology, Egyptiantology, and the like, have become as entrenched in their false dogmatic beliefs as the Babylonian Vatican did defending their belief, substantiated unequivocally by biblical theology, that the “Flat Earth is the center of the universe.”

Where once it was believed that Greece and Rome were the originators of our present Western philosophies and society, we now know that our roots can be traced back to 4,000 BCE to the land of Sumer. The Sumerians, who occupied the land we now know as Kuwait and Iraq, are credited with such accomplishments as the first society to build monumental temples, wheeled vehicles, sailboats, and to develop the earliest form of a written language. However, just as in our society today, the downside of their culture constituted a love for materialistic possessions, the need for jails, weapons, glorified warfare, and an entrenched bureaucracy. An even more paradigm shattering Sumerian discovery, is that we now know that the Old Testament Creation and Great Flood mythologies found in Genesis, and the biblical patriarchal social structures, were not based on the divine teachings expounded at the beginnings of humankind by the omnipresent Creator of the universe, but were known by the Hebrew tribes from earlier Sumerian Creation stories, which they plagiarized and spin-doctored after Enlil came to Abraham. And this is not surprising as the biblical Abraham, the first Jewish patriarch found in Genesis, came from the Sumerian city of Ur. In other words, the Hebrews had taken the earlier Sumerian Creation tales, edited and condensed them, changed the name of the real Sumerian Creator gods to theirs of a mythical Yahweh, and claimed them for themselves. This is why Genesis is so full of confusion, contradiction, and is historically and geologically inaccurate.

With that radical statement, let’s cut through the illusion of ignorant medieval religious dogma, and explore the possibility of our space heritage. With the lone possible exception of Rush Limbaugh, the phantom “missing link” in human evolution has never been found. Have you ever wondered why there are still apes, if we evolved from the apes? Are we to believe that some apes evolved and others didn’t? Not only is there not one shred of physical evidence proving this black hole in our evolution, but, with the latest research, it is now known that Homo Sapien and Neanderthal man walked together on the earth at the same time. So now, some apes didn’t evolve at all, some evolved into Neanderthal man, and some into Homo Sapien man. If this is indeed so, then it opens up another unexplainable can-o-worms. If Homo Sapien man and Neanderthal man did in fact live side-by-side for tens of thousands of years, then why aren’t there any hybrids? It seems almost impossible that not once did these two human species mate and produce offspring, not even through improper sexual acts such as rape.

Also, according to the “experts,” human evolution took millions and millions of years of painfully slow evolution and adaptation. Then suddenly and unexplainably, after just several thousand years after man figured out how to make and use a stone tool and to shoot a bow and arrow, he’s shooting missiles into space, landing and exploring the moon, sending out space probes to the farthest reaches of our solar system, and building earth orbiting telescopes that can see to the farthest edges of the universe. With 99% of our entire brain tied behind our back, it is obvious that several million year ape/human evolution didn’t happen. But this would require a little genetic tinkering along the way. By who? If you had any questions about this, consider the most damning piece of evidence proving this theory: this is the little matter of human RH Negative blood. It is genetically impossible for RH negative blood type to evolve from the ape blood types! So why hasn’t this information been released to the general public? Simple, it was covered-up because of the threat of a shattered loss in faith of the institution of imperial anthropology and religion!

On the other side of the coin though, we find that nothing in the Sumerian tales can be disproven from the archaeological, anthropological, and geological records. And it is to the dismay of Western science and religion, that the Sumerian texts are scientifically accurate. Furthermore, the Sumerian texts are the only explanation for such mysteries as our “missing link,” and stone age man’s sudden rise to advanced civilizations at different times and places around the globe. They also bring the opposing sides of Evolution and Creation together, as they tell of each. After researching the Sumerian texts, it can be easily seen that Genesis is a rather feeble piece of plagiarized literature. It is ironic that the Bible itself can be an invaluable tool to use as a cross-reference to invalidate the entire belief system of the Jewish\Christian\Islamic trilogy of guilt and control. In other words, by reading the older Sumerian tales, it is plain as day, that the biblical Yahweh, the Father God of the Jewish/ Christian/ Islamic religions, is a plagiarized archetypal figure. Case closed and proven by the Bible’s own plagiarized words!

Why aren’t we taught about the Sumerian Creation tales in school and church? Why is it that most people don’t even have a clue to whom the Sumerians even were? Sadly, it is obvious that we, as a controlled society, by religious hierarchies, scientists funded by status quo grants, and politicians with Special Interest agendas, must buy into either the Old Testament creation mythologies or an unproven scientific hypothesis. Why? What would happen to the social structure and the religious beliefs of the Western World, if it was suddenly announced that our Creator gods were not of the Bible but were in fact, an advanced race of alien beings from a far distant star system, and that their god is the same as our god — The unseen, mysterious Creator of the universe? And for whatever reasons, at a few critical junctions in our past, the human species was genetically altered by their master geneticists, and now, with our nuclear and Star War weapon holocaust capabilities, and with our ecosystems on the brink of collapse, they’rrrre baaaaack, tinkering with us again! We would have every Fundamentalist Christian running around yelling “Anti-Christ!” Every redneck with a gun shooting anything or anyone who looked suspicious. The lunatic leaders of the Middle East would declare Holy War on our creator gods, while others would cowl in fear from their supposed helplessness. Economic collapse and social unrest would rule the day. The 1992 L.A. riots would be a microcosm of the unrest on the entire planet. Will we, as a species, ever be grown up enough to handle the truth? But this is the truth we must handle.

One of the biggest lies concerning the illusionary history of the Western World concerns the Great Pyramid. For instance, in 1837, Colonel Howard Vyse discovered a hieroglyph inside the Great Pyramid stating that the Pharaoh Knufu/Cheops built the pyramid during his reign, it was accepted as fact. It was a nice comfortable theory that fit the current theories. But several years later in 1850, a limestone stella was found near the Great Pyramid. Dubbed the “Inventory Stella,” Knufu himself said, concurring with the earlier Sumerian texts, that both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were already standing long before his reign. All he took credit for was the building of the nearby temple and dedicated it to the goddess Isis, who was already known as the Mistress of the Great Pyramid. Because Colonel Vyse’s discovery was already entrenched into the scientific beliefs at the time, the “Inventory Stella” was deemed a fraud only on the basis that it contradicted Vyse’s find. But now it is known that Colonel Vyse himself was a complete fraud and that his “discovery” was chiseled into the pyramid by his own men. The reason? The good Colonel couldn’t deal with the fact that he, of English Noble blood, was a complete failure, both personally and professionally. So he decided to make a name for himself with this “discovery” so as to ensure his own place in the annals of Egyptiantology. Other than Vyse’s falsified discovery, there it not one shred of evidence tying the Great Pyramid’s construction to Knufu. On the other hand, both the “Inventory Stella,” which has now been deemed “real,” and the antediluvian Sumerian texts along with other recent Egyptian finds, confirm that the pyramid was standing long before the reign of Knufu!

One of these archaeological finds contradicting the status quo, is an Egyptian tale called the “Tales of the Magicians.” It tells of king Knufu’s failed attempt to obtain the architectural plans of the Pyramid showing the design and secret magical numbers to access its two hidden secret chambers. Calling upon a magician of old, Knufu was told that the god hid the plans in a box of whetstone in a secret chamber somewhere in the city of Heliopolis. Also, it was decreed by the sun god Ra to not to try and obtain the box and the secrets within. Acknowledging the will of Ra, Knufu built a small temple next to the Great Pyramid and dedicated it to the Mistress to the Great Pyramid, Isis, as told by the “Inventory Stella.” It should be duly noted historically that Thoth was exiled from Egypt in 3113 BCE by the god Ra, or several hundred years before the reign of Knufu, and before the first pharaonic reign.

Putting another nail in Knufu’s coffin, or should we say sarcophagus, in 1978, the Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc., who is known as world’s leading expert on quarrying limestone, was commissioned to estimate the manpower involved in quarrying the needed materials if we were to build the Great Pyramid today. The final proposal stated that if they completely maximized a feasible work force, which would triple the production of their 33 quarries, it would take a minimum of 27 years to quarry and transport this enormous amount of limestone. The quarrying work would be done with the best of American technology including hydraulic jackhammers and electric diamond-tipped saws, lifted and moved with giant cranes and forklifts, and finally transported by rail or truck. This enormous effort would be to just quarry the limestone and transport it to the site. It does not include the labor estimates for the actual construction of the Great Pyramid – the largest masonry structure ever erected in the world. To fit into the Knufu propaganda, the Egyptiantologists would have us believe that it took the Egyptians only 23 years to not only quarry and transport the 131,467,940 cubic feet of finished limestone with wooden mallets, soft copper chisels, pulleys, and rope, but also, to complete the entire construction of the Great Pyramid. Hey, hey, anybody seen any flying pigs lately?

Undaunted by these facts, in the early 1990’s, a team of Egyptiantologists, scholars, engineers, computer experts, mathematicians, and architects, set out to prove, once and for all, that the Great Pyramid could have been built during the 23 year reign of Knufu. Using current theories (tomorrow’s mythologies) and the technology that was available during Knufu’s reign, they attempted to build a small scale model of the Great Pyramid… they failed. Not only failed, but failed miserably in their attempt! So now, in this light, wouldn’t you think that the origins of the Great Pyramid would be rethought? You would think so, but there is simply too much at stake, both for the scholars and for Egypt, to change their existing false belief. Knufu built the Great Pyramid… case closed! Or when, as one of Murphy’s Laws state, “When the facts don’t fit the theories, simply discard the facts.” The only loser is mankind and his evolution.

Because the Anasazi culture was possibly the last of the great civilizations to be touched by our creator gods, it’s now time for the Western World to learn from the path achieved by this ancient culture. However, as our ancient forests and shielding ozone layer disappear, it is amazingly sad that closed-minded bigotry and Native American bashing rhetoric is still alive and well in America’s newspapers and radio waves. An example of this attitude is demonstrated in an editorial distributed by Tribune Media Services, where columnist Andy Rooney displayed both his arrogance and ignorance. He made the following statement concerning the Native American’s protests concerning the United States celebration of Columbus’ 500th anniversary and his “discovery” of the Americas, “The time for the way the Indians lived is gone and its doubly sad because they refuse to accept it. They hang onto remnants of their religions and superstitions that may have been useful to savages 500 years ago but which are meaningless in 1992.” Well Andy, this is the apotheosis of the illusionary religion and history taught to the people of the Western World since their young impressionable years, a.k.a., “perceived reality!” What is meant by “perceived reality?” Perceived reality is the invention of an illusion or a belief system, with total disregard for an individual’s rights or for Mother Earth, in order to protect the covert self-serving agenda of a religious hierarchy, a government, Special Interest, or a business enterprise. In other words, Indians are not supposed to believe in their 1000-year-old truths, but are, like the masses of the Western civilizations, supposed to believe unconditionally, under the threat of our soul burning in hell for all eternity, in revelations given to Moses and his tribe of wandering and barbaric followers 33 centuries ago. And this, because only the Jews, and a little strip of desert, Israel, were and are holy in God’s eyes? The rest of all life, both on Earth and in the rest of the universe, and all other lands, both of Earth and on all other planets, are scum in God’s eyes. In my best Saturday Night Live “Church Lady” imitation, “Now, isn’t that special?”

Good ol’ Christopher Columbus is a perfect example of illusionary white power Christian history. Remember sitting in school as a child and listening to the teachers glorify the Italian explorer for his discovery of the Americas? Because of the Native Americans bringing the truth to the public through their eyes during the 500th Anniversary year following his “discovery,” a more correct and accurate picture is finally being painted. In reality, all Columbus did was to expand the boundaries of Christian “flat world” terrorism to an already thriving continent, which was already “discovered” by the Old World Viking and African explorers, centuries, if not millenniums, before. But let’s get real; the real “discoverers” of the Americas were the ancient ancestors of the Anasazi, Mayan, Toltec, Incan, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Aztec, Incan, and the other magnificent Indian cultures, which were thriving in pre-Columbus America (The impact that the Europeans had on the Native civilizations was so devastating that history of the Americas has been divided into two parts — pre-Columbus and post-Conquest).

This brings up another perceived reality. This is, until several decades ago, the perceived realty of the Native Americans was one of wild crazed savages, living in makeshift teepees, brutally killing settlers for no reason other than for pure enjoyment. This illusionary image of the Native Americans was created in the 1800s because it was politically easier for the United States military to kill these proud people, if they were perceived to be a step below “civilized” humans. It also fit in with the concept of Manifest Destiny, which was nothing more than the ethnic cleansing of America by the Christian whites. But, the “real” reality was that the Puebloan ancestors, the Anasazi, were able to create a highly advanced visual, cosmically aligned, solar and lunar calendar. So advanced, this type of calendar wasn’t even conceptualized by the astronomers of the Old World. Furthermore, the Anasazi also built some of the most magnificent masonry structures ever built, including the great house of Pueblo Bonito, which stood as America’s largest apartment type structure for almost a millennium. As a culture, the Anasazi were unmatched in social skills, as they maintained a peaceful state of existence for thousands of years. Their cultural focus was one of true spirituality, rather than building bigger guns and molesting alter boys.

The Anasazi ruins of Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Another great pre-Columbian civilization of North America was the pyramidal mound builders of Cahokia. Over 200 pyramidal mounds were built near present day St. Louis, between AD 700 and 1500. This Native American farming community created these structures from soil, rather than from stone, which wasn’t readily available. Being made with soil, the pyramids have now mostly washed away by centuries of erosion, and also, were destroyed by present-day farmers. The largest mound, Monks Mound, was one of the largest pyramidal structures in the world, with a base of 16 acres was larger than the Great Pyramid’s base of 13 acres, and soared to a height of over 100 feet.

Other related realities were that the Mayan’s and Teotihuacan’s pyramidal architectural communities, were vastly architecturally superior and more voluminous, than that of the Egyptians, with the lone exception of the Great Pyramid. Mayan knowledge of time-keeping, astronomy, and mathematics, were in many ways, a millennium ahead of those in the Western world. For instance, their calculation of the earth’s solar year was accurate to two ten thousandths of a day – more accurate than modern man’s best attempt until the recent development of our supercomputers! The mathematical value of zero was used by Mayan mathematicians a thousand years before this concept was “discovered” by the European mathematicians. And then only because they discovered Mayan mathematics and claimed it for themselves. So advanced was the Mayan’s esoteric knowledge of the workings of the universe, that small-minded Catholic priests of the Babylonian Vatican burned thousands of their scientific manuscripts — Scientific knowledge burned and now lost for the ages, because the closed-minded, self-righteous priests failed to comprehend the Mayan’s advanced cosmological concepts. Since this knowledge was bestowed upon the Mexico lands by the winged serpent god Quetzalcoatl, the priests conceptualized that this knowledge must be thoughts from the devil and must be destroyed! The Mayan temples were burned, and anyone who celebrated native rituals, or participated in any Mayan artistic and intellectual activity, such as painting, sculpture, observation of the stars, and hieroglyphic writing was mercilessly hunted down and punished by death! Too bad the lions didn’t eat all the Christians in Rome and put an end to the Christian war god who later evolved into the Islamic war god. The world would be a much better place today.


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