Mayan Prophacy



The Mayan are said to be our indigenous philosophers as compared to the Aztec which are said to be the indigenous warriors. However, when you examine the content of their respective philosophies it is extremely difficult for the man on the street to tell them apart. In my way of understanding, I believe that the Mayans represent perhaps the most advanced form of human society that has ever existed but it really doesn’t matter. That is, the way I view Mayan civilization and, more importantly, their philosophies and beliefs, is similar to how I view other world philosophies and religions. That is, I find myself able to believe of them but not in them.

Individuals like Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, author of several of the articles in this blog, have spent a good part of their lives studying and gaining the wisdom of Mayan prophecies. They have helped many people over the years become part of the living legacy of the Mayan people and in spiritual human awareness as such. I, alternatively, believe of such people but not in such people. I do not believe that I have what it takes to become part of a group effort to communicate with our source of life. I acknowledge the fact that others have gained their desired enlightenment with the assistance of these kinds of spiritual guides but it is nevertheless, not my cup of tea.

I do, however, enjoy reading about the Mayan because they were such an advanced civilization with incredible accomplishments. Their views on the cosmos, life in time and the ability to find harmony in solar frequencies is fascinating to me. In many ways I believe I may have been practicing these kinds of techniques all along only as an individual without rituals or followers. All of the hoopla about the end of the world is one example of why I cannot be a member of a communal philosophy. That is, I prefer not to think that I know anything. Once you say that you believe in something because it is part of the belief system in which you partake, your souls is in a certain sense, no longer your own. I prefer to keep mine, even if it is clueless and without answers. Still, enjoy reading the articles, I know I did. I particularly enjoyed the article on “Reawakening”. and I even took a part of the article to include as one of my first posts.