I can’t believe I had to travel practically all the way around the world to end up among the ruins of my own ancestors. It all seems so obvious to me now. The Aztec ritual of sacrificing a human heart was always intended as a ritual to rejuvenate the Sun. Given the impending doom on our horizon that will result from the expansion of the sun, to say nothing of the fact that in my story I have already set up the solution to our cosmic problem to necessarily come from an appeal to a deity, it all makes perfect sense. What I didn’t expect was to be greeted upon my arrival in the Valley of the Dead by what was apparently a committee of “timekeepers” that traveled from the Northern region of Guatemala that had come to witness the ritual enactment for the rejuvenation of the Sun. Another thing that struck me as odd was that I was greeted as if I had been expected and taken to a hut where I could meditate and partake of some wine and bread that had been provided for me. I had no idea how they knew I was coming or if they were confusing me for someone else.

Once I was left alone in the hut I began to take in my surroundings more intimately. I love the smell of incense and the hut was filled with a beautiful and soothing fragrance I did not recognize, although it seemed to trigger a psychic memory of another time and another place that I could not fully identify. I noticed that over the portal passageway was a depiction of the Sun God Quetzalcoatl. I began to recall that Quetzalcoatl was involved in the transition between all new sun’s for the past five cycles and it would appear to be the case once again. Evidently, we have all assembled here in the Valley of the Dead to greet the rising of the new sun, Sexto Sol. This was when it first hit me, oh my God, am I Quetzalcoatl?

It’s a good thing that the hut I was in had apparently been provided so that I could speak with other spiritual travelers that came to the valley. It seems that my hut was being used to parade through a series of spiritual guests that wished to speak with me about their own spiritual journeys. That is, it seems as though they all intended to fill me with the passions of their separate spiritual energies which they have brought to this valley to complete their own mystical journeys. When the Tibetan monks entered the hut, for example, I was able to establish that I am not the returning spirit of Quetzalcoatl. Apparently, when Quetzalcoatl does arrive it will be time for the ritual enactment that we have all gathered to witness. I also learned, for whatever it’s worth, that the hut I was in belonged to the chosen one. That is, I discovered that I am the chosen victim of the ritual. You can imagine my reaction when I first realized my role in the upcoming enactment, I nearly soiled my shorts. Fortunately, I think, the Mayan timekeepers convinced me that the only thing that would happen when the time came would be whatever I decided for myself. It seems that in order for the rejuvenation of the sun to take place and save all of humanity, the victim, excuse me, honored soul, must choose their own path into the future and their choice can either save or doom humanity.

One by one I met with all of the spiritual travelers and learned of many things. I felt as if I had been given so much knowledge that it was no doubt enough to reflect the wisdom of the ages from the beginning of time. Once I had finished meeting with the travelers from the Inca nation, the Hopi and countless others, I was given a potion that allowed me to enter into a trance like state wherein I was able to meet with the spirits of antiquity. Apparently all of humanity’s spiritual leaders since the beginning of time were assembling for the ritual enactment. What I couldn’t quite understand though, is why everyone kept telling me that I would be the one to dictate the activities of the ritual enactment in the presence of Quetzalcoatl when the time was right. My problem, then, is in knowing that I don’t have a clue what is supposed to happen.

After a few days had passed without anyone entering my hut, except for the helpers that were assigned to look after my needs, I realized that we were rapidly approaching the deadline of our three lunar rotations and we would have to act soon if we were to do anything to prevent the annihilation of the human species. It was time for me to buckle down and figure out what I was going to do once the ritual enactment begins. It was then that I began to review my thoughts and experiences with all of the guests I had spoken to and with what I had learned in my travels throughout my spiritual quest.

The thing that stood out the most for me was my having to realize that there are more dimensions to understanding the sun than most people imagine. That was why I had to travel from Greece to Egypt. If I had to identify what I think was the most important thing I learned about this multi-dimensional understanding of the sun, I would have to say that it is the role played by gender identity. What is the real significance of the sun having both male and female genders in its composition? Also, what would this have to do with the impending crisis?

As my thoughts took flight to recall what I had learned about the Sun and gender differences, I focused on what I had been told about the gender variations of the sun. I first took note of the fact that it was virtually impossible for me to think of gender differences in relation to the sun without also thinking of the passage of time. That is, the specific gender of the sun was determined by its placement in the heavens. Thus, the only time the sun could be said to be feminine was at night. What I needed to figure out was why this was necessary. Then, as if the answers to the riddle of the universe were ready and available to me simply by asking myself the proper questions, I realized what I needed to do.

I had to step back, as it were, to think about what I was trying to understand. We were all assembled in the Valley of the Dead for one specific purpose, to enact the ritual rejuvenation of the sun. Now, let’s think about this to make sure we know what is being said. We are talking about the rejuvenation of the sun that will allow the preservation of life as we know it here on earth. In other words, we are talking about the continuation of our physical existence. To truly understand the sun’s role in this process I need to remember the multi-dimensional aspects of the sun. So, the bottom line is that we have a masculine element, a feminine element and chronometric element to understand in their combined form.

Naturally, since I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about or what I need to do for that matter, I figured that I had better think about what I was considering one step at a time. I have always been a firm believer in the philosophy that you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, but this, well; this is beyond any of that. I’m entering into uncharted waters here. What I’m doing now is more like verbalizing a string of utterances in an unknown language, intuitively interpreting the conclusion and acting on my interpretation under life and death circumstances. In other words, like the Egyptians who believed they received divine guidance from within their hearts where divine decisions and ideas are born, I am basing my entire understanding of the ritual enactment to come on my ability to connect with the flow of energy that exists within us all and the belief that this will grant spiritual access to the wisdom of destiny. O.K., let me roll up my sleeves and get this show on the road. So, I now need to consider how to better understand the relationship between the three elements, the masculine, the feminine and the chronometric. In this way I may be able to figure out what they have to do with life as we know in this our physical existence as human beings. Let’s take them one at a time.

I think it would be fair to say that the masculine aspect of the sun is considered primary in relation to the feminine. I base this on the fact that the feminine is introduced as an additional aspect of the sun that specifically comes into play at night. The question now is, what does this have to do with human existence. It seems to me that it’s impossible to think significantly about the role of the sun in our human existence from a singular perspective. That is, I must remember to think about the sun multi-dimensionally or I’ll probably never figure things out. Stated differently, its not the masculine element of the sun alone that addresses the issues we wish to consider. Rather, it is the masculine-feminine-chronometric elements in combined unison that address our manifest human existence. What this means, I think, is that we are able to transform our purest essence, whatever that might be, into a corporeal manifestation because of the combination of these three elements.

In this context, then, I feel like I can better understand their relationship as elements in our lives. The masculine is no doubt that element that supplies the ethereal or spiritual (qua DNA) aspect of our life. The feminine would thus provide the corporeal or manifest aspect through incubation of the ethereal and the chronometric combines it all into a cycle of recurrence that gives us life in time as we know it. The need to rejuvenate the sun, then, is a need to rejuvenate the combination of the three elements. Now I’m beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. No matter how you slice it, it appears that there is an inherent judgment to be made between the combinations of the three elements as they are now or as they could otherwise become. It is this judgment that is the stuff that the rejuvenation of the sun is made of in its essence. Now, of course, I have the unique problem of not being able to make such a judgment. The key to understanding what I’m thinking is no doubt in being able to understand the opposing choices of such a judgment.

If I start backwards as it were, I could then pose the query, “What would such a judgment of mystical cosmic proportions impact?” Since the rejuvenation of the sun would in effect reaffirm the perpetuation of the life and death cycle in time and our own physical existence as we know it, this is obviously what would be impacted upon by any judgment made in relation to the rejuvenation ritual. I think I may be on to something here. It’s all about time. That is, if I’m right, the chronometric element is inherently the only element of the three that would be denied its very nature in any judgment countermanding the rejuvenation of the sun and the status quo. But what does this say about the nature of our physical reality and the relationship between the masculine and the feminine?

Let me see if I can put this in simple language. The masculine element is going to be the masculine element no matter how existence as we know it changes. That is, it will produce conscious life in one form or another. The feminine element is also going to be true to its nature and produce a physical existence in one form or another. I think, however, that the chronometric element can only change its axis. That is, it can only be time, with its life and death cycles, or eternity without the need for the life and death cycles as known to human kind. This predicament, to be sure, plays havoc on life as we know it.

Considering the fact that it is the masculine element that produces life initially through the ethereal DNA it creates, we seem to be in a position where it can either create life in time or eternal life beyond the life death cycle. The feminine element would seem to have the ability to exist external to the masculine, in which case we would have man and woman, sex, life and death and the balance of good and evil, or to exist internally with the masculine and manifest in a physical form no longer requiring the life and death cycle. Now I think I’m got it. The ritual enactment for the rejuvenation of the sun is played out in terms of the choice of sexual identity on the part of the chosen one.

One of the most interesting legends I was able to learn from my visitors to the hut of the chosen one was about the two volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl. These two volcanoes not only represent the masculine and feminine elements, they have also been made into legends of the Maya-Quiche symbolizing both death and rebirth. I think that if I the chosen representative of the masculine element were to accept death and embrace my own femininity as represented by the volcano Iztaccíhuatl while in the presence of Quetzalcoatl, as a representative of the chronometric, that would complete the ritual for the rejuvenation of the sun. Unfortunately, to do so would entail a judgment I am not prepared to make. Stated differently, unless I get direction from within, it is not going to happen.

As I sat there reviewing what I had been able to realize about the enactment of the ritual rejuvenation of the sun, I could hear commotion going on outside the hut. The time has arrived, Quetzalcoatl had returned to witness the ritual enactment in the form of an eagle. My assistants came into the hut with a portable throne upon which I was to be seated and carried to their destination of my own choosing. As I was lifted up and out of the hut I informed my assistants that we would be going to the top of the volcano Iztaccíhuatl. Throughout our journey Quetzalcoatl could be seen flying in circles over our heads. The head timekeeper that was assisting me ever since I arrived in the Valley of the Dead smiled at me and asked what my decree was to be. As he had promised, nothing that was about to happen would occur without being initiated by me.

Atop the volcanic mountain I turned around to face the multitude of followers that have gathered to witness the ritual enactment. As I looked over the multitude of human beings below I began to recall my meetings with so many spiritual travelers over the course of my stay in the hut at the Valley of the Dead. I believe it would be fair to say that the vast majority of them were praying for the rejuvenation of the sun and the continuation of life as we now know it in time as human beings. There were a few, mostly Tibetan Monks, which were completely non-committal as to what the outcome of the enactment should be. The one thing that everyone held in common, however, was a firm belief in love. With all of this in mind I recited the following decree:

We have all gathered here today in representation of the spiritual essence of human existence spanning life since the dawning of the Fifth Sun 5200 years ago. It is now, once again, a time of endings and beginnings. My presence here is the culmination of a spiritual journey I first entered at the beginning of time and entered once again less than three lunar cycles ago, in an effort to better understand what is about to befall us. When I learned of the impending destruction of our planet due to the expanding size of the sun, I was overcome with feelings from within to launch my journey of discovery. The decree I shall make here today is the result of what I have learned in my journey and from those of you with whom I have met in private consultation.

When I first heard the news that the sun was expanding and at its current rate of expansion life as we know it would cease to exist by the end of the next three lunar cycles, I immediately felt an inner surge of energy. The emotions with which I was filled brought with them many questions but what I knew for sure was that the answer to our predicament regarding the sun’s expansion would not be found in science. In my first of what ultimately turned out to be three spiritual aspects of my journey, I decided to seek the wisdom and counsel of the Oracle at Delphi and the prophecies of Apollo. If I had to express what the sun represented to me at the time I would have to say that I saw it as the cosmic representation of the masculine element of our human existence.

My consultation of the Oracle of Delphi was sobering to say the least. I not only failed to receive a clear and concise answer to our human predicament, it was here that I came to realize from the response of the oracle that coming to understand the significance of our expanding sun would require a multi-dimensional perspective. After reviewing and considering the significance of Apollo the Sun God, I wondered why his sexuality had been brought into question on more than one occasion and what this might have to do with appropriately understanding the multi-dimensional nature of his character.

Although I did not know at the time that my journey would involve three separate spiritual aspects, I quickly realized my need to travel to the Pyramid of Ra to seek the counsel of the underworld. This occurred to me, in part, because I felt the urge to travel to the Pyramid deep from within myself and the flow of energy that united us all, but also because the oracle made me question my own understanding of the sun as a singularity. Thus, it was here that I came to realize the significance of gender in relation to the sun because of the fact that Apollo’s sexual identity had so often been called into question. Therefore, I traveled to the Pyramid of Ra somewhat expecting to find something to help clarify my feelings regarding the sun’s true sexuality. When I learned that in Egyptian mythology Ra is said to travel across the sky inside the body of a woman, it all became a little bit clearer to me. Following this scenario, if I had to express what the sun represented to me as an aspect of Ra, I would have to say that in Ra I saw the sun as a cosmic representation of the feminine element of our human existence.

The key to understanding what I learned at the Pyramid of Ra is in realizing the significance of time in relation to the changing gender identities of the sun. After all, it is only at night that Ra is said to traverse the sky in the body of a woman. The third and final aspect of the sun that I needed to consider now seemed obvious. I have already considered the sun in its masculine and feminine elements; it only remains to consider the sun from the aspect of its chronometric element. In this context, then, I knew without a doubt that I would have to travel to the Valley of the Dead to consult with the Mayan Father-Mothers or timekeepers as they are called, regarding the sexual identity of the Sun God, Quetzalcoatl. However, unlike Apollo and Ra, the sexual identity of Quetzalcoatl has never been questioned or determined for that matter.

Standing here, now, atop the volcano of Iztaccíhuatl, and after having spoken with spiritual advisors representing human existence since time began for humanity here on earth, I now realize that my words and deeds as expressed in this ritual enactment will determine what shall be the resolution to our impending doom and the end of life as we know it, or the beginning of life as it shall be eternally. In this ritual there are three things that must be determined: One, will the ritual enactment express an acceptance of death?; Two, whether the masculine element of which I am a representation, accept unto itself the aspect of the feminine, and; Three, will the new Sun be an eternal continuation of the life-death cycle or a return to the eternal essence which has never left us but has always been with us and shall remain with us forever more?

One the first aspect, whether the ritual enactment will express an acceptance of death, I will say that the act itself gives the appearance of its acceptance. However, it is important to realize that this acceptance is given under the specific circumstances. I am not rendering a judgment regarding the acceptance of death. It is said in the mythology of the volcanoes that they represent total destruction and rebirth. Therefore, the acceptance entailed in the ritual enactment is of that which transcends death to include rebirth.

The second aspect to be considered is whether the masculine element of which I am a representation, will accept unto itself the aspect of the feminine. To this I must say that I have an unspoken duty to represent humanity and in this context I have come to the volcano of Iztaccíhuatl precisely because it is the representation of the feminine. It is my belief that the vast majority of my spiritual advisors is of the opinion that I accept the feminine and embrace the life-death cycle. While I make no such judgment myself, as I have repeated stated I would not do, the enactment process itself is reflective of such an acceptance as a true and accurate reflection of the expressed desires of humanity.

The last aspect to be considered is whether or not the new transformation will be a continuation of the life-death cycle or a return to the eternal essence? Hear me now and heed my words for what I am about to say will give all glory to God and determine what is God’s will. I will act in accordance with my human kind and launch myself unto the volcano of Iztaccíhuatl. What will follow, however, should in no way be considered my determination as I place my complete faith in God with no expectations and no desires other than to surrender myself completely. With this purity of love in my heart I now launch myself into the future… and at that moment the chosen one leapt forward.

At the very moment of the leap the universe itself appeared to open its celestial pathways and the chosen one transformed into a ray of pure light that streamed into the vastness of the universe and with it all that has ever been or ever will be.