The Sun in Time’s Aspect

As the dream sequence was now set for me to investigate opposing elements of the sun’s own identity with some sort of assistance from the Pyramid of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, I could not help but realize that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do to accomplish such a feat, especially since I didn’t even have a clue what I was expecting to find. Naturally, as with most things in life, I would have to start off with baby steps and develop from there. When you look at the Pyramid of Ra from the outside it is an imposing representation of one of mankind’s many architectural wonders.  However, for the purpose of the dream sequence and our story, it holds no particular value. That is, any insights I might gain for understanding the truth of humanity’s impending doom would have to come from an examination of the interior corridors and chambers under the pyramid that contain hieroglyphic symbols of ancient myths of the Egyptian culture. To this end, then, I proceeded to descend through the levels and chambers of the pyramid’s cryptic underworld.

During my descent through the corridors of the interior I found myself thinking about what little I knew of Ra and what he may have represented in ancient myths and prophecies. Unfortunately, I was nowhere nearly as aware of Egyptian mythology as I am of Greek mythology. I did know that he is the Sun God and that he was said to be the king of all gods and pharaohs. Funny thing happened, though, while I expected to find a significant difference between how the pyramid may have functioned and appeared in its heyday and how it is today, I never really expected to have all of my needs met at the very first chamber I came to. I suppose it stands to reason that as a tourist attraction the site would host an information center where anyone could learn of the mythology of Ra.

I felt so stupid having come all the way to Egypt for assistance in understanding the reply I received from the oracle at Delphi when I could have learned everything I needed to know on the internet. My only consolation is that I did have to visit Greece to consult the oracle in the first place in order to seek the counsel of Apollo. I suppose it could be said that the gravity of the situation regarding the annihilation of humanity is an extinction level event and so my thinking was distorted significantly by the nervousness of knowing that humanity is nearing its end. Besides, since it is all happening within my dream it didn’t cost anything anyway. As I transported myself back into the dream from my state of reflection I was once again at the information center without a clue as to what I should expect. Anyway, what I learned from the cultural tidbits under glass displays was more than enough to help me better understand the reply I received from the oracle at Delphi.

Specifically, I learned that the Egyptians believe two things that I find particularly informative for my purpose. The first thing that caught my eye was that Ra is said to traverse the sky, such that he is given different names to correspond to his placement in the sky at any particular point in time. During the morning hours Ra is referred to as Khepri and is said to symbolize birth and creation. During the noon hour he is referred to as Ra, the king of all gods and pharaohs. During the sunset hours Ra is referred to as Atum and symbolizes the span of life from birth to death. More importantly, during the night hours Ra is said to traverse the sky within the lioness, Sekhmet, and can be seen reflected in her eyes. Sekhmet’s name means powerful one.

The second thing I learned that gave me pause was that Ra symbolizes the creation of every living soul. Thus, it was believed that Ra was the first being and all the other beings were born later or were his progeny. As the legend goes, Ra divided himself into a number of parts that served to create the other Egyptian gods. I came across a graphic depiction of Ra’s family tree in the visitor’s chamber I entered that will help to make my meaning in these regards more readily understood.

Upon reviewing all of this information on Ra available I couldn’t help but realize that the oracle at Delphi was spot on as far as my attempting to understand what might be going on with the sun without the advantage of the additional perspective from the vantage point of the Egyptian underworld. Now, all of a sudden, I had a thread of enplotment that I could follow that could be used to structure the next stage of my quest within the dream. With Apollo we have always known about the scenarios that portrayed him as being gay. However, in the case of Ra, the Sun God is apparently acknowledged to traverse the sky at night as a woman. Still, even with a clear understanding that gender is my next thread of enplotment, I really don’t have a clue what to do with it. At this point, therefore, it was necessary for me to take another step backwards into my reflective mode to consider enplotment alternatives.

Now this was something completely unexpected. Here I am trying to structure a dream within a dream and I end up having to investigate my own gender identity in order to understand how to interpret this newly discovered revelation about the Sun God. That is, I do seem to recall that it is believed that the only way to gain entry into the other world is from a neutral position. Assuming this to include my understanding of gender, what am I to make of the fact that the Egyptian Sun God is said to traverse the sky at night as a woman and what does that say about me and my own sexual identity?

I suppose the appropriate starting point would be to make a distinction between the physical and the spiritual aspects of gender. Personally speaking, I have never really cared for all of the, for lack of a better term, bullshit, that people are overly preoccupied with in terms of people’s gender identity. What’s that all about? What does it mean when a girl thinks she is a guy or a guy thinks he is a girl? As far as I’m concerned, the girl is a girl because she has a vagina and the guy is a guy because he has a penis, pure and simple, case closed. It isn’t that I want to underplay the significance of people’s feelings when their own version of sexual identity and pleasure seeking differs from the norm. On the contrary, I am attempting to understand them for what they truly are. That is, in my humble opinion, you are what you are in an anatomical sense. The remaining considerations should be seen as having been superimposed unto this reality. Therefore, physical reality is one thing and emotional reality is another.

To be perfectly clear, what I am saying is that the body’s parts speak for themselves and any discussion of gender identity that goes beyond what the neutral reality of our bodies has to say is an overlay discussion about our emotional gender identity. What we are left with is this; Physically speaking I have a penis; therefore, I am a man, in a neutral sort of way, relative to my emotional gender identity. Any discussion of my emotional gender identity is super-imposed onto my physical reality. The important thing for us to realize about this discussion is that whatever we choose as our own emotional gender identity is in the final analysis, a choice.

The bottom line for me is this, sexual interaction between consenting adults is fine with me regardless of more specific preferences. I’m sure it’s all good or they wouldn’t do it. Once we have taken sex out of the gender equation all we are left with are questions of who, how or what will assume responsibility for the control of our souls and therein is the rub! The first to enter any discussion regarding the control of our souls are religions. One religion, at the most base level of appeal and perhaps the most human, promises 72 virgins to provide me pleasure in the afterlife. Another religion that appeals to the more gregarious aspect of our nature promises that we will be able to spend the rest of eternity with family and loved ones. A third religion I recall appeals to the more cosmic aspect of our existence and promises liberation from physical limitations. Considering all of the variations and offshoots of these three religious views, almost all human beings can find something to their liking if they want to believe.

The only thing that is going to help me now is a neutral assessment of gender that will allow me to better understand the multidimensional aspect of the sun. The question now is, what is there about gender identity and the Sun God Ra that, on the one hand, is sexually specific and on the other, an emotional difference based on choice? That’s it, I’ve got it. I now understand what I came here to discover to advance my quest and solve the mystery of the annihilation of human kind.

When we consider the significance of emotional gender identity in relation to the Sun God Ra, what we come to realize is that Ra’s gender identity is manifest relative to traversing the sky. In other words, gender identity for Ra is relative to time. Ra is said to be a woman only at night. In what way then, can we say that this realization helps us with the dream sequence? At the Temple of Apollo we learned that there is more to understanding the prophecies of the Sun than a single dimension could account for. Here at the Pyramid of Ra we have come to discover that all manifest reality descended from the Sun must resolve its own version of emotional gender identity. Furthermore, we also learned that in relation to the Sun God Ra, this emotional gender identity issue is resolved in relation to time.

When you stop to consider that the Egyptians believed they received divine guidance from within their hearts because it is in the heart that divine decisions and ideas are born, the next step in my quest to fulfill the dream sequence should be obvious. Now I get it. The only place on earth where the Sun’s relationship to time takes center stage which also involves the heart is in the Valley of the Dead in Mexico. I now realize that I must travel to the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl for a re-enactment of the sacrifice of the human heart and the rejuvenation of the Sun.