The Temple of Apollo

The Search for Answers Begins

Naturally, the idea of visiting the Temple of Apollo is easy enough to romanticize when looking for a solution to a story line crisis in a dream but then, when you get to that point in the story, you actually need a reason for being there in order to continue with the imagining and structuring of the dream sequence. Obviously, the notion of the temple itself is of little to no value for resolving the crisis of the sun’s expanse. However, as the avatar within the dream begins to access his thoughts regarding how the dream is developing, it would be easy enough to realize that it is possible to gain entry into the flow of energy within us all and in this way the structuring of the dream would be able to draw from the collective memory of Greek mythology. This, for me at least, was in fact how dreams have been imagined before.

Fortunately, I seem to recall that Apollo was one of the most important deities in Greek mythology. I believe he was recognized as the god of light, the sun, truth, prophecy, music, poetry, and more. As the champion of Delphi, Apollo was an oracular god and the prophetic deity of the Delphic Oracle. Among his dominions are medicine, healing, colonists and he was regarded as the patron defender of herds and flocks. In this context it is certainly understandable why my mystical calling would have me come to Apollo in search of answers. This fact is especially interesting since I would be able to consult the Delphic Oracle as an added element of the narrative.

 The thing about oracles I find most interesting is that they are not very useful unless you know what questions to ask and even then, you need to interpret the answers correctly. I decided that it would be to the benefit of the dream’s plot structure if my requested counsel focused on the problem at hand. Since the dominion of Apollo includes his reign over earth’s colonists, I cannot imagine a better source to consult and ask about the truth regarding our understanding of the impending doom and the extinction of humanity. Thus, by putting my faith in classical Greek mythology in this manner, I felt that my query could be considered more of a sign of respect for the mysteries of life than that of attempting to find answers to our life crisis through the use of scientific methodology. All things considered, I was very grateful for that.

The one major obstacle I still needed to resolve was the lack of a Pythia or priestess at Delphi; She that was traditionally credited for prophecies that were inspired by Apollo. It seemed to me, however, that to the pure of heart the only way to properly interpret the impressions received from the oracle would be with no attempt at interpretation being made at all. That is, a proper sign of respect would be to close my eyes and seek the inner oneness of energy that flows within us all. By having the story develops in this fashion, I can honestly say that I appreciate the straightforwardness with which the query to the oracle is posed. The incantation is as follows:

It is said that the earth’s sun is expanding at a rate that would mean the annihilation of the human species within the next three lunar cycles … How might one intent upon seeking the truth underlying such an annihilation,  proceed along life’s path at this point?

I was amazed to realize that upon completion of my incantation I was overcome by a feeling brought about by the very asking of my query. As is so often the case with oracles, I immediately began to question my own incantation. That is, I felt the need to examine the incantation to see if I could figure out what was missing. Since the only information I had to go on were the words it contained and the structure of the incantation itself, I began to conduct a linguistic analysis of what I had asked of the oracle. In this context, then, I soon realized that I was asking Apollo about the truth of our impending doom from a singular perspective regarding the earth’s sun. Then it hit me. I could not possibly expect to find the truth of such a cosmic event based simply on information provided by a singular source. I would need to find a contrast that could either produce a baseline for interpretation or could be used in some form of triangulation in order to generate multidimensional meaning.

Thus, the response I received from the oracle was beginning to make sense. What I needed to do next was to properly identify and invoke a contrasting or opposite element of the sun to more fully understand the oracle’s reply as it would impact upon the fate of humanity. O.K., so what is the contrasting or opposite element of the sun? Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is the moon but that just doesn’t feel right to me. If I eliminate the moon as the opposing element then what am I left with? I then started to think that identifying a contrast or opposition of the sun in my incantation would require a shift in dimensions. If I wanted to understand the truth regarding our impending doom, I would first have to broaden my scope of the sun’s identity so as to devise a more appropriate incantation that would help make possible a multidimensional response. That was when I realized that I didn’t need to find the opposite of the sun in physical existence but, rather, within the sun itself. I began to realize that my next move would entail traveling to the Pyramid of Ra near Cairo, Egypt, and descend through the realm of the under-world.