The Impending Doom


The First Dream Encounter

The very first thing I remember about my dream sequence was how it penetrated my mind and began to ooze its way through the imagery of my thought processes. It all began on a normal day when I was apparently leaving my apartment to go to work. Keep in mind that this is all happening in a dream so I didn’t really live in that apartment and I wasn’t really going to work. These are places and activities occurring within my dream. So, there I was, coming out of my apartment and turning to walk down the street to go to the subway where I would ride the train in my daily commute to work. On the corner of the block there was a newspaper stand that carried every daily paper available in the city. The proprietor, who everyone called Joe, was a crusty old man that also sold cigarettes, candies and gum.

Since I knew I was dreaming, as if I were in a semi-woken state taking stock of the dream I was having, I paused my dream and I began to realize that it was taking place in Manhattan, New York. I then thought of a movie I like very much with Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee called, “That Funny Feeling”. In the movie, Darin and Dee walk down the same street every day at the same time and they bump into each other at a newsstand on more than one occasion. The movie took place in Manhattan and so that was apparently where the dream’s imagery originated for me as well.

As it turned out, the main purpose of walking towards the newsstand in my dream was to notice the headlines in each of the newspapers. As if it were designed and intended to emphasize the urgency of the situation, the identical headlines in each of the major papers served to fill me with fear and uneasiness. I could not have imagined a more frightening headline written across every single daily paper. The headline simply read, “World Doomed”. The news was so disturbing that I stepped back from the dream within my dream to take stock, once again, of the structure of the dream so that by doing so I could be reminded that everything was still alright and I was only having a dream.

As I continued to reflect on my dream I couldn’t help but think that a world crisis was a perfect way to start a story within a dream. In this particular case, the headlines were all referring to the fact that world scientists were reporting that the earth’s sun was expanding at a rate that meant the extinction of life on earth as we know it within the next three lunar cycles. Once the plot of the dream had been laid out, it was simply a matter of thinking things through to realize what scenes would follow.

Several thematic strands presented themselves for my consideration in the development of the dream. Naturally, since I had already mentioned the headlines in the name of science, it would be necessary for the dream to develop that line of reasoning. I thought to myself how easy that would be. After all, it’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I have complete contempt for science as it has contributed and developed under modernist ideology. In the dream, therefore, I immediately imagined the gathering of all of the leading world scientists in New York City to address the crisis of the sun’s rate of expansion.

In my college days I remember learning that at the beginning of the enlightenment when Western European culture first murdered God and claimed that all natural phenomena could be understood without appeal to a deity, science was said to be based on “the certainty principle”. By the early 20th century, the advent of quantum mechanics led to the discovery of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that maintains that as far as subatomic particles are concerned, we cannot tell both the velocity and location of a subatomic particle simultaneously. This is due to the fact that they are in a constant state of motion. What this meant was that scientists were no longer able to pinpoint reality and the certainty of science was thereby disproved.

This is the point that makes me so mad. After all, it was on the strength of its certainty that science provided the justification for the murder not only of God but of countless peoples and cultures because it was supposed to be superior. The Aztecs had already realized these things thousands of years earlier and concluded that the only thing humans could know with absolute certainty is Flor Y Canto or flower and song, by which they understood that life is a poem to be lived. I would love nothing more than to return the favor to science and dance on its grave, even if only in a dream. So, here I was witnessing the gathering of world scientists trying to figure out how to save humanity from its own extinction. Naturally, like the United Nations where they were gathering, there would be representatives from all of the major countries in the world among the gathering scientists and, more importantly, (here comes the good part) nothing useful would come of it.

As my personality began to assert itself into the structuring of the dream, I could detect the sarcasm with which I was creating the plot to reveal that whatever the answer to the crisis might be, it will never come from science. I began to have images of world leaders running around the globe desperately appealing to their scientific Gods for answers, like proverbial chickens with their heads cut off. Yes, within my dream I was enjoying taking cheap shots at science because as far as I’m concerned, this is the same science that provided the so-called justification for the treatment of indigenous peoples as inferior to those races living under Western European ideology; Additionally, it was the same science that was also responsible for the murder of God at the beginning of the enlightenment.

I couldn’t help but notice, as I continued with the development and unfolding of the dream, that plot structures have a tendency to present themselves for consideration as a matter of course, just like that of my contempt for science. Thus, on the basis of what had already been put in place within the structure of my dream, I was able to envision additional threads of enplotment. For example, I have already ruled out the possibility of science coming to the rescue of humanity so, if I choose, I could invoke the law of symmetry. That is, the whole premise of science having killed off God in the first place was because it was claimed that all things could be explained through science without appeal to any deity. It seems natural, therefore, that the resolution of the crisis in my dream should come by way of appeal to a deity.

As I thought of all of the beautiful belief systems around the world that were destroyed by the colonization of distant lands under the mandate of the enlightenment, I could feel myself wanting very badly to find a way to give back the respect that these ideologies deserved within the story of my dream. At this point I had choices to make regarding how to continue in the development of the story. I knew it wouldn’t be explicitly necessary to think about how to include elements of world-wide beliefs into the story line of my dream. Instead, all I had to do would be to will it so and it would find its way into the story. This is the beauty of being able to tap into the source of energy that flows within us all.

Since I have always had what could be referred to as a poetic consciousness, I developed a love of Greek mythology at an early age. It was, no doubt, because of this fact that I imagined the next phase in the dream sequence to involve the Temple of Apollo. As the thought presented itself, perfectly disposed to being present in the dream, I couldn’t help but realize that there could be no better way to resolve a crisis involving the sun than with appeal to the sun God himself.

After the sarcastic side of my personality relished the thought of my affront to science, I began considering how I would infuse the dream with the need to invoke the temple of Apollo. It never ceases to amaze me how answers present themselves almost immediately upon request without so much as an exerted effort, when you appeal to the flow of energy that is within us all. Naturally, the role of mysticism would be pronounced in any affront to science so I realized that while world scientists were gathering to seek answers for mankind, I would simply need to feel the urge of an inner calling to visit the Temple of Apollo in my search for a response or some kind of guidance regarding humanity’s impending doom.

It was at this point within my dream that I realized the potential for an epic version of the story that could be developed very nicely. For example, I could have a neighbor that happened to be a graduate student of anthropology named Alice with whom I have had intimate pleasures. She and I could be each other’s sole point of comfort in this impending doom scenario and we could set off on the quest together. This would provide the basis for developing segments of intensified sexual intimacy due to the gravity of our shared situation and so on. So many different plot structures come to mind for an epic novel. However, my dreamer side of me decided that I could always return to such an epic version if I still wanted to, after the plot of the dream had been completely structured. It was then that I simply changed my point of reference in the dream to the Temple of Apollo.