Mayan Calendar Rotations

The Haab:

The Maya solar calendar, called Haab, is a count of 365 days and thus approximates the solar year. The word “haab” means “year” in the Yucatec Mayan language. The Haab is composed of 18 months made of 20 days each, plus one month made of 5 days. A month made of 20 days is called a uinal. Each uinal has its own name. These 18 months together equal 360 days. The last month made of 5 days is called Wayeb. The 19 months together total 365 days.

Table 1 shows the Yucatec Mayan names for the Haab months. The 20 days are counted from 0 to 19. The 19th month is the Wayeb. This last month of 5 days is counted from 0 to 4. The Maya farmers of the Yucatan follow the Haab calendar. The farmers conduct offerings and ceremonies on the same months every year. These ceremonies are the Sac Ha’, Cha’a Chac and Wa j i k o l. The farmers ask for rain and make offerings during the growth cycle of the corn, especially during its planting and harvesting. The Maya in the highlands of Guatemala perform special ceremonies and rituals during the Haab month of Wayeb, the short month of five days. * Sidebar: My Sun sign according this calendar reveals that I was born in the Haab month of Wayeb.

The most widely known Mayan calendar, however, is known as the Long Count, and it is the source of the 2012 date. Most of the pyramids and stelae found throughout Maya country contain dates inscribed according to this calendar. The Long Count consists of thirteen baktuns, each baktun equaling 144,000 days cycle of 5,126 years. In the twentieth century, British anthropologist Sir J. Eric S. Thompson, in conjunction with John T. Goodman and Juan H. Martinez-Hernandez, correlated the Mayan Long Count with the Gregorian calendar. Their work, widely accepted by Western researchers, dates the beginning of the Long Count to August 11, 3114 bc. There is less agreement among Western researchers about the end date. Many peg it to December 21, 2012, but Swedish microbiologist and author Carl Johan Calleman, author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness calculates that this cycle will end on October 28, 2011. Grandfather Cirilo and other indigenous elders do not necessarily agree with these specific dates, but do believe that we are currently in the end stages of a time cycle lasting approximately 5000 years.

The Coming of the Sixth Sun: Mayan Views of a New Cycle
By Barbara J. Sadtler